Why Traveling With The Right Person Is The Most Awesome Thing

Traveling is truly one of the coolest and most amazing things you can do together with your best friend or your loved one. While solo travel is empowering and inspiring a trip with your special friend creates blissfully memories that you will cherish forever. Being friends with someone is one thing you know, but traveling with them? An completely different story, I can tell you. Traveling is good for your health (Read: 8 Reasons Why Traveling Is Good For Your Health) but still … it needs to be the right travel buddy to benefit rather than harming your calmness. 

„Better off alone than in wrong company“

After my experience couple of years ago where I was traveling with one of my best friends (at that time) I promised myself that I’m better off alone traveling than with the wrong friend by my side. We just didn’t have the same style and idea of traveling …

You might be really good friends and have a lot of fun together but when it comes to traveling, it can be entirely different. I think it is really hard to find a travel buddy who travels the same way you do …

soul sister

Sharing doubles the happiness

My solo trip to Tenerife for three months last year was exceptional for sure. But being there again this year with my travel gypsy sister Valeska showed me how wonderful it can be to share those amazing moments with someone. 

It was our first travel together and luckily I found out that having this amazing bond when traveling is the most amazing thing that can happen in a friendship. 💙

10 Reasons Why Traveling With The Right Person Is Awesome

Your friendship get’s to another, deeper level

You are together in the good days as well as in the bad ones.  Especially through difficult situations you will get to truly know the other on a deeper level. 

 You have loads of inside jokes 

Oh yeah, it’s just too good to just look at each other and to exactly know what one is thinking about or about to say without saying it. 

You step out of your comfort zone together

And this is where the magic happens! Step out of that freakin‘ zone, together.

You learn from each other 

Oh yeah, and how you do.  It’s funny to realize how the other person is just a reflection of yourself. Observe the other and learn about yourself. 

You encourage and push each other

Hiking to the crater of a volcano is simply „easier“ if your friend kicks you in your ass when you are about to give up for the 100th time. We need friends like these so much in our lifes. 

You have a photographer and a model all the time 

As a photographer you will always have a person to photograph. Also really nice in case  you want pictures too (like in my case – I’m always the photographer but there are rarely pictures of myself).

Two thinking minds are better than one

Faster and better problem solving – if you’re not drunk of course. :)) 

You feel safe

… and you can hope that the other one is saving you, just in case.

You can pack less because you will just share everything

„Damn, where is my razor?“

„Don’t mind, I have one.“

„Crap, all my socks and pants are dirty!“

„I still have some, you can take mine.“

„I love your skirt, I think it would look good on me today.“

„You can wear it. Can I wear your pink top today?“

Hahah, girls stuff. Just awesome. 😀

You will create memories you can share for the rest of your lives

And you’ll have a lot to tell …

They make sure you stick to your budget (or not)

Well, they are supposed to. But not anymore when it comes to drinking Barraquitos (a special coffee from the Canary Islands with liquor).

„Living la vida loca“

One guy we were staying at said to us that we are the happiest girls he met so far.

He was wondering how we can have so much fun and laugh all the time (like literally all the time, also half of the night). Well, living la vida loca with the right travel sister is easy you know. You just vibe. 💕

What do you think is the best part about traveling with your best friend?

And what’s your favorite place you’ve been to with your bestie?  


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