Why I love buying clothes at the second-hand

Why I love buying clothes at the second-hand

Million tons of clothes are thrown away each year. Buying second hand clothing does not only reduce the waste, it supports the community and it’s sustainable.

For me it’s 1 year without buying new clothes (except 3-5 pieces). Not harming the planet and not supporting the fast fashion industry. Since I’m working for a green eco wear company my thinking on the fashion industry changed a lot. As I’m trying to live a more conscious life why not when it come to fashion too?

Living a conscious life

What does this mean? Living a conscious life means you’re actively check your activities, decisions and options. You’re making deliberate choices based on your values and your truth. Choosing to live consciously, means you can question and challenge everything. You can do what feels right to you and reject the things that don’t resonate with you.

When it comes to fashion (and not only) I ask myself a lot of questions: Where does it come from? Who made it in which conditions?

Cheap clothing won’t get you far

Our society is driven around consumerism and no one thinks behind wanting new things (at least very few do). Where their products/clothes come from and how they are made. It seems normal that a Shirt costs 8€, same price as a burger. I get the thinking beyond it that you have less money and don’t want to spend it all on clothes so you buy cheap ones. But is THAT the solution? Buy to produce more harm and trash? Cheap clothing won’t get you very far so why not buy second-hand? It’s reused but in most of the cases better than your 8€ shirt. And it’s recycled!

People keep asking me where I got my pieces from and I mostly leave them speechless when I tell them it cost me only 1 € at the second-hand.

Here are 5 strong reasons to buy second-hand

1. It saves you a lot of money
Shopping at second-hands is really cheap. You’ll have more money for the real life adventures like traveling, investing in hobbies, you name it. In Romania there are days where all pieces cost 1€ at HUMANA.

You’ll find a lot of expensive brands at no price, if you’re worshipping the tag.

2. It’s sustainable
Producing new clothing requires energy and a lot of chemicals. Buying second hand is reusing the goods which somebody else wore before, reducing the impact on the planet. Recycling makes us feel good about our actions.


3. Not supporting the fast fashion industry
Seriously, have you heard about the many tragedies that happened in textile factories? Where sewers are working themselves to death. Before that happens they work in miserable conditions for even more miserable wages. I don’t want to support that! I am for the people so I buy second hand.

4. You’re unique
It doesn’t happen that you run into somebody wearing the same piece as you.

5. Clothing with soul

Each piece has it’s own story and soul. I like to think where this piece has been and what it’s seen.

What do you think about buying second-hand? Do you own pieces from the thrift shop? Do you ask yourself where your clothing comes from?

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  • Deborah Watson

    There aren’t many thrift shops where I live but I find that increasingly, charities tend to sell a great many ‘thrift’ items on eBay, after losing a lot of weight I needed to replenish my wardrobe quickly and after buying a few pieces from the usual chain stores I decided to go online to spot any bargains, not even considering ‘second hand’, it was a revelation ! From new ‘new’ impulse buys still with the labels, straight through to a beautiful embroidered silk dress (around ten years old but hardly worn) I now have the most striking and original collection of outfits and separates at a fraction of the price their high street equivalents, some of the items need a little TLC when I receive them (I hand washed, finished and pressed the silk dress) but I find this very enjoyable and rewarding, especially when I see the end result.