My Life On A Hippie Beach


    It’s now about 9 weeks I live in Caleta and I have to say that I really feel like home. This place and it’s energy are truly special. I love waking up here, there are no days I feel bad and very less moments I have to worry about something.

    I have a lot of time to create art, read and think about many subjects that I feel I have to work on.

    There are 3 weeks left until I will be back in Austria again … I have to admit that I miss my bed, but I can’t imagine sleeping and living in a house after so long time spending outside, being one with nature. Waking up by the sun rise, falling asleep with the shiny stars above my head, hearing the sound of the birds flying over my tent, the constant sound of the waves hitting the beach … so many things that make me feel very connected to nature and most of all to myself! I rarely have bad thoughts here, it’s almost impossible. I’ve learned a lot of things and changed my view on some things I had not imagined to ever see them like that. I became more tranquilo as we would say here 😀

    I discovered many new things about myself, about what I can do, about what I like and what I don’t … I learned to trust myself more, to trust the power of the universe and the flow of life. I can say I know myself better now … and it’s great!

    I love spending time with people here and talking about their life stories and why they are traveling, what they have to tell, what they experienced so far … but I also very like to spend some time alone, well, actually a lot! When I don’t have to clean my place, the dishes, my clothes or to go for water, food and to take away the trash I’m reading on the beach or make bracelets, take pictures, prepare some food (since I’m here I love cooking), meditate or just lay and admire the beautiful surroundings.

    „Neues von der anderen Seite“ – a book I can really recommend, very interesting
    Creating some avocado seed – obisidian art and having some delicious strawberries, yumm

    I still want to do some trips around the island before I leave, but I have to say that I am a little bit exhausted from all the walking here and I want to relax more (and I already saw pretty everything here after driving three times around Tenerife).  I never felt so fit like here! Carrying 32 l of water once a week and walking 10 km twice a week with a bag full of food is really the best workout. Oh, and I never was so brown before I think, really like my gypsy skin right now 😀 Wild, dusty, brown, salty and happy, hihihi …

    After shopping

    I’m enjoying the time I have left here in this magical place, but I’m also looking forward to what will come. I have a lot of ideas and plans for the future. The first thing I will do when I arrive home, will be to clear my stuff out and sell some furniture from my room. I realized that I have so many things but I don’t really need them .. I had that in my head for long time now but never managed to do it. But now after my trip I for sure know that having less feels better (so therefore that my bag got stolen was a good thing too, it taught me a lot). And my room really needs a cozy chill out! *Update from home: I sorted out half of my things and sold my desk)*

    I absolutely grew a lot on this trip and I’m proud of myself for taking it and for the things that changed in my mind. I am happy to experience all this, owning less stuff (I actually own 2 pants, 4 shirts, 1 pullover, couple of socks and underwear and 4 pair of shoes (got them from the give away here, as many other things after my bag got stolen) … but more spiritual things. Spirituality fulfills people in the way that material objects can never do … I wish for everybody to experience something like this at least once in their life! 🙂

    “Why the obsession with worldly possessions ? When it’s your time to go, they have to stay behind, so pack light.”
    ― Alex Morritt

    Peace and a lot of LOVE!

    Way to the Golf Club and to civilization :))
    Trash collecting point

    How Living On A Hippie Beach Looks Like

    (Sound for getting into the vibe 😉 )

    It’s now 39 days I’m in Tenerife and I love it more and more. In the first 1-2 weeks I thought I’m crazy to stay almost three months here alone, without any plan where to go or what to do, without knowing anyone … but now I don’t want the time to pass by to have to return home again.

    The neighbour hood

    I’ve met so many new people, had so many interesting conversations, learned a lot about myself and changed my view on many things in life – and I can say it’s still the beginning of my trip. I already know so many people here and I feel like the whole island is like a small village. Well, the whole world is! Yesterday I’ve met a guy who asked where I’m from and when I told him „Sibiu – Romania“ he was really surprised to hear because he stayed there three months before his trip to Tenerife and then he asked „Do you know Diana? The girl with the bangs and pink hair?“ of course I know her! (Love you, Dizzy btw.) – just everything so connected!

    I really want to share with you some pictures of  my beloved little place up on the hills here on the hippie beach of La Caleta in Tenerife and how I live here. I pretty much have everything I need for living here, not like I am used at home but it’s perfectly fine. For getting anything I need I have to walk some distance because the next small village is 3km away and the next city 5km. Water is the most difficult to carry up here, as I am not a really big girl, haha. It’s a good training walking up and down like 10 times a day. *update after 2,5 months: I can carry 32l of water at once*  Argh, I feel strong now!

    Waking up and embracing the new day and it’s adventures like:

    I simply adore mornings here! Waking up by the first sunshine reaching your skin, having coffee or a good black tea with your neighbour and eating delicious cereals with fruits, honey, cacao and Gofio (it’s Canarian flour which is a popular ingredient in Canarian cooking) – so tasty, yumm!

    Coffee time in my living room

    Having breakfast with the neighbours 

    After enough black tea and a healthy breakfast, the energy level should be secured for half of the day. So my day starts with different activities, from going for water, food or to the city for charging my gear and wifi if I’m in the mood for „internet day“.

    Meanwhile I know each stone on the way to my place and I am able to walk even by night without light here. When I’m thinking back on the first days here, when I couldn’t even find my tent and was looking for it like one hour … I progressed. I’m just so much more connected with the moon, nature itself in general and it’s great! It teaches me a lot about myself and how my body works. I have to say that I had only three days where I didn’t feel well, because when I picked my mom from the airport we ate a pizza at a restaurant and after that I threw up and couldn’t eat or drink anything. But that’s it – the only days I felt bad. I don’t even have back or stomach problems like I use to have back home. I really feel healthy and fresh. *Update after being back home: I gained 5kg of weight – which for me seemed always impossible and I really wished for it to happen (unlike other girls). I’m really happy with that and I feel very fit.*

    If I have to go to the city to make my supply this takes pretty much half of the day because it’s far and it’s really hot in the last time here.

    If I have to go to take a shower, I go up to the nearby Golf Club, where they have clean toilets and „shower“. Well, it’s not really a shower but sweet water is coming out of it and you get used having a 80cm high tap, it’s a proper shower. 😉

    Number of warm showers in 3 months: 3 

    Nights slept in a bed: 3 

    I appreciated these three showers so much like never before in my life! Even if I’m used with having cold showers at festivals, but the festivals usually don’t last longer than one week and than I can have a normal shower in my bathroom home again – here showering for months only outside somewhere and watching out for the securities not to come, I guess you feel me and what I want to say. Just bless the bathrooms and the showers!

    I live on a hippie beach but hygiene is still somewhere very up on my list and I like to keep myself and my things clean.  Daily showers I take in the ocean with bio soap (I refused to wash myself in the ocean in the beginning but walking up the hill for showering to sweat again when coming down is really not that useful, so I got used to it – some coconut oil helps against my dry skin). Though when it comes to washing my hair I’m very fussy! For that it has to be fresh, sweet water. So for that and for washing my clothes I walk up with my bucket and some detergent, gypsy style full power! Well, I did go 3 times to the lavanderia (laundry) to wash my clothes properly but it was too expensive, too far and too expensive again, hahah, no seriously 4€ for washing + 4€ more for drying when I can do it on my own.

    If I need food I walk to the not so nearby supermarket and buy vegetables, fruits, noodles, cereals, honey, dates, cookies, tea, coffee etc. I also went couple of times in the evening doing dumpster diving at the supermarkets „trash“ – it’s just unbelievable how much good food you can actually find there.  There are a lot people here doing that, some don’t spend a cent on food. Of course it’s not something for everybody but it’s a possibility too. We cook together here and share a lot. Everyone brings something he has and we mix it and prepare some delicious dishes. Eating together is just so much more tasty.

    And then there is the „problem“ with batteries for the load of electronics I carry with me as we have no electricity here. I have to go to bigger cities and sit somewhere in a Cafe, for charging and using wifi to check mails and for working. You can imagine how long I sit there until my Laptop, 3 Camera batteries and phone are charged! Drinking my coffee veeeeery slowly to sit half of the day there without having to order 10 coffees :)))

    *Everything else got stolen but luckily I still own my gear – bless, universe*

    After the batteries for my gear are charged, I enjoy this stunning working place … so inspiring!

    Well, I have less (especially after my bag got stolen), but everything I need here. And the fact that getting and doing everything here is harder than I’m used to, just doesn’t plays a big role anymore. I got used to walk one hour to everywhere, carry 15 kg on my back from far away, save water, walk 20 minutes for bringing my trash to the trash place, make fire for cooking. I live in the middle of nature with a bunch of beautiful and colorful people, anything else just can’t be such a deal.

    For that here everything easily turns into a crazy adventure, like going to have a shower to the Golf Club and running naked over the smooth grass at sunset, going to do laundry and having no clothes to put on because we put everything, even the ones we wore into the washing machine and going to the city for getting something turns into a three days trip to the mountains. Everything is so exciting and not knowing what happens next get’s my blood racing.

    Here I really learn to appreciate everything I used to use in my daily life back in Vienna without really appreciating it or thinking about how it would be without having it. It’s a good way to teach anyone to do so. It shows me that there is also this kind of living your life, it teaches me to really appreciate the little things and to help and be kind whenever I can do so.

    I also love the stressless, beautiful days here where you can do whatever you feel to. I have time to be creative and time to grow spiritually! The people and the vibes here are really tranquilo … so enjoying that! 🙂 *Update: read the blog post after living two and a half months there here.*

    If you consider visiting this magnificent place respect it and the people there, leave no trash and be open for discovering new parts of yourself! Bam bule!