Yoga Vibes With Petra

Yoga Vibes With Petra

Yoga and Meditation for me is learning more about myself – about my feelings, my dreams & wishes. It helps me being the best possible version of myself. Daily yoga brings me back to my roots. ✨

This is what Yoga means to Petra, the beautiful Yoghini I want to share some pictures of with you today.

blonde girl with dreadlocks looking up

I prefer practicing Ashtanga yoga. It’s a combination of Asanas, Vinyasas, Drishtis, Bandhas and Ujjayi breathing. According to this method the succession of asanas is given in a fixed squence and each one is attached to the next by a certain sequence of movements.

girl holding a palm leaf

About 5 years ago she startet her first yoga course. It was a basic Hatha yoga session. Since then she is visiting various courses to get in contact with different yoga types.

portrait of blonde girl

portrait of girl with dreadlocks

Petra practices daily for about 1-2 hours. It’s a combination of Asanas, Pranayamas and Meditation. Every Thursday she is giving yoga lessons for friends.

The main focus in our culture is lying on our physical body. Yoga on the other hand sees the physical body as a reflection of the astral body.  The yoga techniques are primarily aimed at strengthening and healing astral structures, as they lead directly to physical health. Asanas strive to strenghten certain external aspects, but always with an inner quality. For example, balance exercises like Bakasana also promote inner balance and asanas that challenge can develop the mobility of the body are aimed to expand the consciousness. However, the fastest observable effects of asana practice are the physical effects (hormone system, nervous system, skeletal system, circulation and respiration, digestion and excretion) and the effects on the astral body.

laughing happy girl

Meditating girl

Tattooed legs of girl in yoga pose

Dirty feet of a girl doing yoga in the jungle

Girl with dreadlocks in yoga pose

I think the prettier I make my surroundings, the easier it is to want to practice. I have a beautiful small room in my flat where I can practice during winter. In summer I like to do yoga outside in the nature for example in my garden. When I’ve been traveling with my camper in summer I’ve been looking for a silent place with a nice view for example in front of the sea or a lake.


Yoga changed my whole life and through a regular practice my mindfulness is growing and everything appears in a completely new light. Since my practice is very intense I recognize that I make a difference about things I want to do with my soul and heart an things I „had to do“ to not disappoint my family or friends. I choose my appointments, hobbies and every step in my life carefully and pay more attention to my feelings and needs. Partys and long night outs are not the main part of my life anymore. Being happy, healthy, mindful and living consciously is now important to me.


I don’t have  exactly one favorite yoga pose but I like doing bakasana. In this asana the whole weight of the body is on the hands and wrists and it’s important to keep balance.

Girl in Yoga pose

After I finish my course in June I want to teach yoga classes on evenings after my main work. I want to show people that yoga can help them to keep the mind, soul and body in balance.

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