Pictures From The Most Awesome Cave Home Ever

Ever wondered how it is to live in a cave? Far away from civilization in a remote place?

I was always curious to see how this way of life is manifesting. I stayed with my friend from Russia in a cave where he is living for one year now. Well hidden in the cliffs on a Canarian Island, this is the perfect cave home I can imagine. 

The cave

Waking up in the cave

After having the BEST sleep ever I woke up having the best morning ever. For me falling asleep with the sound of the waves hitting the cliffs is the most relaxing and beautiful feeling to fall asleep to. I feel so free and connected to everything around me. I really appreciate those moments where I can sleep and wake up in nature.

Daily activities 

Time seems to pass by so slowly here … I love that! 

The neighbourhood

Our food 

This basket is full of vegetables and fruits we recycled from the supermarket „trash“. In the bags we had some cheese, yoghurt and some nuts in the bottles. All still good to eat but thrown away by the supermarkets because they have some small defects or are over the date of expiry. Good for us! We eat your „trash“. Making it possible to live almost without money here. 

Cooking place and living space 

The cave people in their natural habitat

What are your thoughts on living in a cave? Being one with nature, experiencing the most simple ways of life. Would you like to make this experience? Did you already do?

Maybe you know some places like this? Would love you to tell me about them. 

Peace & a pocket full of sunshine from the cave home,

Portrait, Beauty, Festival & Travel Photographer, based in Vienna.