My Paragliding Experience Over Tenerife

Since I’m a little girl I  dream about flying … many years I believed I am able to float, just because it felt so real in my dreams.

Somehow the right moment to do it didn’t happen until some weeks ago. Back in Tenerife I was thinking about it but it was too expensive for my hippie lifestyle. After seeing the Paragliders almost every day flying over my head, while laying on the beach, I decided one day that I’m going to do it too! I walked to the city to check my bank account and to find a nice paragliding team.

I spent my last money on the flight, hahah. But it was totally more than worth the experience. I booked for the coming week but when the day came,  I got a call that the weather conditions will be not good for paragliding in that day so we had to delay the flight. I waited very excited for the next call and hoped the conditions will be good in the coming days. Couple of cloudy days passed when I finally got the call „Andreea, are you ready? Today we fly!“…

I was sitting in my base, doing some bracelets and enjoying the perfectness of the moment, so I was very happy anyway but this call made my day more than perfect!

Three hours later I got picked up near the beach and we drove in direction of the mountains …

I have to admit that I was a little bit nervous but still very chilled …

…. uuuuntil it stared and I felt how exposed to the wind I am and how every small change of the wind direction blew us from one side to another …

lololololo :-))

This guy was trying to make me laugh all the time because I was too concentrated on not throwing up, hahaha
Caleta from above, my home

Although I feel that it was not very much Adrenaline I started to feel a little bit sick in my stomach (probably because I didn’t eat much that day and it was very hot outside). I was a little bit still for my characteristics  :-))) I felt like throwing up a couple of times but luckily it was not the case!

Landing over the beach bar

The flight was a smooth experience, perfect for enjoying the view over the area from above and for getting the feeling of flying. And the team is so nice, I can only recommend to have a flight with them!

Let’s see when the opportunity for skydiving will come around 😀 Free fall + flying, aiaiaiii!

See the video:

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