Meet Vale And His 5* Hippie Cave

(Imagine drinking coffee and having a delicious breakfast on this music in THAT magical place over the ocean, somewhere in the yellow rocks 🙂 )

This young man from Russia decided after a life changing event to start an adventure. He has been to Tenerife two years ago and he loved the different landscapes on this island, so he decided to come back here.

Valentin is a entertaining, definitely crazy guy with funny Russian accent and bad english. But he is working on the part with the english, haha. Valentin is a travel junkie. He is now since two months on the island and at the end of this month he’ll go back to Russia. There he is planning to do a trip with some friends with a boat on a lake between Finland and St. Petersburg for a while. In October he want’s to come back to Tenerife to start his project.

At the moment Vale needs 100€ per month to live here. The food he gets from dumpster diving at nearby Supermarkets, where he goes 1-2 a week. And a lot of other stuff he finds and collects from the streets.

He found a cozy place to stay here and built himself a nice home. Not bad … not bad at all!!

… One day while hiking he discovered something! A fancy, empty cave hidden behind some material which had the same color as the rocks … very well hidden. After asking people around about who lived there before, he got some information that the cave was inhabited and built in the 70’s and that it is empty for longer time now. So he moved in there and started building a lot of things to make his new home more comfortable and welcoming.

This beautiful cave he wants to leave to some friends which should find somebody else when their time to leave will come, because he doesn’t want it to become squatted and destroyed by longterm occupants.

His plan is to make a educational camp in Tenerife to bring people from St. Petersburg to offer them some yoga lessons, voice training courses and many different courses to expand their creativity.

After this project will be finished he wants to go further to Chile, Bolivia, Machu Picchu etc. There he wants to travel like he does now as well – with less and almost by feet.

He says that he prefers walking to everywhere because thats how he gets to see the beauty around him and a lot of things you miss when traveling by car or another transport.

The craziest adventures he had so far was traveling on a small boat on a big river for 27 days and camping around Russia at the age of 13 when he started traveling, he says. So you can imagine how many crazy adventures he experienced in more than 10 years of traveling now. And for the next 3 – 4 years he’ll be still traveling for sure, he said.

His answer if he is happy here was: „Wiz legs and hands I’m happy everywhere!“

„What are you afraid of Vale?“ … „I no afraid in zis life!“

Couple of days before he decided not to wear cloths anymore …

The white hair he has, are from the hardcore adventures he had on his travels so far … he says :)))


Portrait, Beauty, Festival & Travel Photographer, based in Vienna.

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