Masters Of Puppets Festival Should Be On Your Festival List 2017 /// WIN A TICKET

Masters Of Puppets Festival Should Be On Your Festival List 2017 /// WIN A TICKET

A psychedelic adventure where music is the language of your soul

Masters of Puppets is a Hi-Tech, Dark and Forest Psytrance music festival which is taking place in an amazing location near Brno in Czech Republic. Powered by Funktion One sound system. 

The team

The team consists of three viennese event and music labels: Kodama, Psygsichta and Masters Of Puppets. This annual gathering which is happening for the 3rd time in 2017 is „ment to give an opportunity to experience and express psychedelic arts and music on a different levels with the lowest impact possible on nature“ says the organizer.

More than 174 hours of high BPM music

Rage Stage and Kodama Stage providing us with the best psychedelic sounds on two stages.

If your dancing feet get tired you’ll find some rest in their massive chill out space.

Huge international Lineup

Just to name some of the awesome artists that will perform this year: 

WILL O WISP (Dark Prisma Rec.) ARG
MEGALOPSY (Dark Prisma Rec.) ARG
SECTIO AUREA (8h) (Alice-D Records) CH

SELECTIVE MOOD (Damaru Rec. / Maniac Psycho Pro) AT

NOCTURNES CREATURES (Electricmoon Rec./Damaru Rec.) AT

ORESTIS (Tantrumm Records/Sonic Loom Music) GR

KASHYYYK (Kamino Records) MEX

LOOSE CONNECTION (Free Radical Rec. / Katawampus Rec.) UK

PARANDROID (Noise Poison Rec. / Fantazy Rec.) DE

VIRTUANOISE (Noise Poison Rec. / Freak Rec. ) IT

ARCEK (Kamino Rec.) MEX

YAMINAHUA (Osom Music / Interaural Rec. ) CH

TEGMENTUM ( Interaural Rec.) CH/GER

CALYPTRATUS (Interaural Rec. / Alice-D Rec.) GER

KASATKA (Damaru Rec. / Alice D Rec.) GER

GLOSOLALIA (Dark Prisma Rec.) ARG

PSYKOVSKY (8h) (Osom Music) RU


… and many many more.


„We want to create a space for psychedelic freaks to feel free and unique and party hard.“


There will be also other activities like shows, workshops, teachings, yoga lessons, art courses, meditation and speeches about alternative lifestyles, environmental issues and other relevant topics. 

Where to sleep

The location has a huge camping area where you can stay with your tent or van for free but there are also bungalows available.  There are 4 and 2 people bungalows and you can rent them for € 15,-  per day and person. Check out their website for more information about bungalow renting conditions.

How to get to Masters of Puppets location

The festivals offers shuttles from Prague and Vienna, and is also accessible by car. Camping and parking are free. More details on the festival’s website.


I’m giving away one ticket for the Masters of Puppets Festival 2017 and you have the chance to win!

Click here to enter. 

Good luck and can’t wait to full power dance with you soon. See you on the dance floor pirates. 💚 

Check out the festival website for more infos. 

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