Magic Masca Road

The village of Masca and the surrounding area was one of the last refuges of the indigenous inhabitants here, the Guanche, who lived in the deep caves of the main ravine, or barranco, before eventually being displaced by people from beyond the archipelago.

As this is one of the remotest parts of the island it seems a world away from the big resorts, and here you can get a real feel for what Tenerife was once like before holidaymakers started arriving.

Masca has managed to hang on to its unspoilt appeal because it has only really been accessible since the early 1990s.

It’s breathtaking to drive and it’s really hard to concentrate on the tangled road and double-jointed switchbacks which lie ahead. Ironically this road is the safest roads in Tenerife, because people are driving extra slowly here – oh, and be prepared for huge oncoming buses!

This location is simply magical in many senses. The feeling of standing up there, seeing the ocean behind the majestic mountains and the psychedelic road curling around them is hard to describe. And I couldn’t imagine a better place to enjoy my Barraquito – mountains, palms, birds singing, sunshine, a good book and the sound of a space drum in the background.

Masca is for sure one of my favorite places here! So capturing.


Did I already say that I totally adore this place? What do you think? 

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  • Viera

    Hi, i have to say, that your blog is awesome. Very nice photos and interesting informations for us. We are going to the Tenerife on the 16-th november, and we are planning Masca walk too. But our plan is, from Masca to the beach , and from the beach to Masca (both way) on foot. Is this plan very difficult ? How is the way back? My friend who was there said that we have a big chance to lost the right way. Is it true?

    We don´t have any accomodation in Tenerife, we want to sleep under the sky, or use the tent. In Gran canaria island we don´t have a problem with that, is it the same on Tenerife? Can you tell me some good place for sleeping with nice view, but without many people?

    Thanks for your answer. Please, if you want , can you send me your answer on my e-mail

    Thanks again 🙂


  • Naya

    I discovered here because of Portal article you wrote. Is really beautiful around here and inspire me to do some writing of my own trips, sincronicities and brothers.