My New Gypsee Home


Buenos días fellows,

after spending almost 3 weeks on the beach of Las Galletas I’ve decided to move further to another beach. Or let’s say the beach and the energy of the new place decided to attract me there! Three beaches full of hippies living in the craziest homes – caves with separate rooms, painted tents, dry palm leaves cottages all decorated with many details. Amazing how a coconut rind turns into a cup, a dry cactus into fancy room deco, shells and stones into a beautiful dreamcatcher and lovely jewelry. All kind of different natural creations all over the place.

Initially I came here just on a short visit but I fell in love instantly with the vibes, people and everything that involves this place! After sleeping one night under the night sky and waking up in the morning with THAT view I decided to go back to the place I’ve spent 3 weeks so far to move with all my stuff here. As universe wants to bring me always exactly what I need exactly when I need it: the place nearby a friends cave got empty (with mattress inside) and the friends just wanted to visit Las Galletas (where I stayed) the next day with the car, so they offered to help me to move to the new magical place.

Now I am living in a small paradise. I have my own place somewhere up on the hills, hidden behind a huge cactus. My pets are now a bunch of lizards, small and big, some lovely mice and a lot of birds making crazy sounds in the evening when flying over my place.

In the evening laying in my tent, watching the stars, the wind carrying the sound of guitar and beautiful voices up to me. In the late hours watching luminous plankton on the beach and listening to the wonderful sound of the water.

I have great neighbors,  great roads to walk, amazing things to discover and a wonderful beach to chill at. I fall in love every morning I wake up in that place. I love being here. LOVE LOVE LOVE!


Art space, haha

Making some cactus juice, delicious!

„Caleidoscopiche immagini si agitavano dentro di me, si alternavano, si aprivano e si richiudevano in cerchi e spirali“ ∞

… having breakfast with beautiful people. 

Counting the days until a beloved soul will join my adventure again 🙂

Walks in the barranco, trippy landscape!

Oven for barranco specialities
Big smiles with my Italian friends

with the best view on the Teide volcano …

Handmade drum and many other crazy things out of natural implements.

Visit from my friends up in my place

Funny dog joining the singing on the beach.

Check him out! Really nice voice and atmosphere he creates on the beach here.

Sandy, turquoise beach with smooth waves, people doing yoga, creating art, playing instruments, singing, drawing, just having a wonderful time.  It is like a huge festival. Everyone feeling good, doing things they like, having good conversations with new people from all over the place. Going to be great 2 months here, so excited about every new day and it’s adventures!

Sending some good vibes, light and a lot of love to you! 🙂





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