Intambo – Tribal infused jewelry for the soul

Intambo – Tribal infused jewelry for the soul

You’ve probably heard about Intambo jewelry, if not you definitely should and that’s why I’m writing the story of Barbara, the beautiful girl behind the Intambo creations – tribal jewelry for the soul.

I’m following her work since the beginning and I’m happy to see her progress and artistic unfolding in each of her mesmerizing pieces. Since I’ve met her at a psy festival for the first time in real life I felt the beautiful, loving and kind energy she’s radiating.

Happy Barbara with her creations

My first Intambo order was delivered by her personally in Vienna at a party and I was surprised to get an extra creation with my order – a black bracelet with two Quartz crystals on each ending. She was very excited to see my reaction about how I like her jewelry. I could see the love she’s putting in her art and I really love wearing her creations.

Because she is an artist I appreciate and support I was curious to hear her story how she started doing her jewelry, where she get’s inspiration from and what her dreams are.

„My first tribal infused piece“

Her project, Intambo was born at the end of 2016. She found a picture on the internet with a simple, brown necklace and wanted to make the same for herself. She bought some hemp cord (one of her friends had them and she liked the texture of it) and made her very first tribal infused piece. Not the same that she saw, she pimped it a little with stones and other pieces. Her dear friend Dora told her, she has to make more and sell them. So she did! And never did she believe that she would be that successful like she is nowadays. She’s working hard and is trying to make better necklaces, better pictures and better content. Constantly trying to evolve and I think you can see this very well by looking at her Instagram feed.

Where the name Intambo comes from

She likes the hemp cord because it’s natural and feels good, very comfortable and easy to work with. And it has a tribal impact. Intambo comes from Zulu language, a language spoken by a ethnic group in South Africa. Intambo means thread, cord and comes from the hemp cord she works with.

She buys her cords in Hungary, trying to support the Hungarian manufactories. The other pieces she uses, the stones, beads, charms and the other materials are also mainly from Hungary but some are souvenirs from her travels. She never knowns what she wants to create, how the final result will look like, she’s just wrapping the cords and BANG – she has a nice idea and does it. In that deep flow she creates her unique, tribal infused pieces.

„My mainly inspiration is how difficult our simple life can be“

Barbara is into underground and interesting cultures around the world and loves to find inspiration in pictures on the internet. Her mainly inspiration is how difficult our simple life can be. Like with her jewelries that look so simple, but truth is the creating process is difficult and time-consuming. Sometimes it takes 5-6 hours.

She’s putting all her heart in her creations and she’s very passionate about doing this. The necklaces are a reflection of her soul, which is sometimes dark with spikes, sometimes an earthly free spirit and other times colorful and feminine. 

The wind blows my hair on the top of the mountain wearing my ‚Medicina‘ necklace .. perfect moment. 

What you can expect from the future

In these days more and more people know Barbara and Intambo, that’s very exciting for her. Her boyfriend helps her a lot with the administration things she can not do as good as he does. He is a really big help for her and for running the Intambo business. 

For the close future she wants to learn some new techniques on making jewelry. Also she wants to experiment with other fabrics one day. Barbara has great plans and visions about her Intambo project and I’m sure she’ll get it really far. 


Now the best part is that she is starting a Giveaway today! ♡

You can enter here. 

♡ Wish you good luck, may you be the lucky owner of one of this tribal pieces soon. ♡

Meanwhile enjoy some more pieces by Intambo (warning: eye porn content)

Blessings & much inspiration to you my dear friend Barbara. To many many more mesmerizing creations and happy customers all around the world. 🙂

As well as many blessings to all you beautiful souls who are reading right now.

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