Winter In One Of The Oldest Saxon Villages Of Romania

Seligstadt, Romania

2017 started here for us. Time is passing differently in this quiet, little, remote village in Transylvania – it is passing slower. Mobile phones have not yet found their way into this village, and horse carriages are far more common than cars. The village, surrounded by fields and mellow hills, is overlooked by the church-fortress Seligstadt, one of the oldest in Transylvania.We decided to spent the transition into the new year in a youth center in Seligstadt where a couple of beautiful people gathered for a party. So we were leaving my home town Sibiu after midday and arrived there in the evening. After we left the road from Fagaraș city we were 30 km away from that village. 

As we left the paved road which was covered with snow we took out the sleigh to tie it to our car so we can have a ride. You may haven’t done it before if you grew up in Austria for example :))) This was the biggest fun of my childhood while spending the holidays in Romania but for my boyfriend it was the first time doing that. 

Most of the houses in the village are abandoned and look pretty shabby. You won’t meet many people while having a walk through the village although we saw some old farmers with their cows and sheep and some small children playing in the snow. 

There is a car driving through the streets (Seligstadt has only 6 streets if I counted correctly on Google Maps) and sells bread. They have a megaphone announcing they have fresh bread to sell and people go out on the street to buy some. 

© Luca Roxana Emilia

The only place where there is more life in this forgotten village is the youth center where big groups of people find place to gather and enjoy life and activities at the country side. 

We had a nice New Year’s Eve party for 3 days including activities like sledding, making camp fires, playing games, dancing, grilling in the snow, hiking up the tower of the fortified church and watching projections on the organ inside the church while having a beer . (Drinking my first beer in a church, haha) Oh, and we ate a looot, we had delicious Romanian kitchen, 3 times a day, 100% bio. 

I enjoyed a lot to be far away from the city stress and troubles. It felt like we were taken back in time in another century. I wouldn’t mind staying longer there to get to know the locals and how their life looks like in a remote village like this. Would be interesting to know how old people supply themselves with food and medicine in such a remote small village. Nevertheless I was happy to spent 3 days there, to see other parts of Romania and different ways of life. I think it was the perfect start into this year 2017 in which I want to travel to get to know more places like this, going back to the roots, away from the city to places where time seems to stand still! Because sometimes I have the feeling life is passing away too fast, especially when it’s beautiful …

Blessings to all of you! 🙂


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