Full Moon Walk On Snowy Volcano

Each morning at sunrise when I get out of my tent I admire this marvelous mountains that surround me and if I am lucky, the top of the Teide volcano is visible, if not covered in fluffy white clouds.

I was looking forward to the day, where we hike up to the mountain shelter on Teide for spending a night there and continuing hiking up to the crater of the volcano before sunrise from there. For walking up there you need a permission, so we had that because it was included in the booking. But then mother nature decided to sprinkle some snow on the volcano and here in Tenerife they can’t handle snow :)))

Now my view in the morning and while doing yoga on the beach in bikini is the huge Teide Volcano and surrounding mountains coated in white. Here 23°C there -4°C. Really hard to imagine and insanely beautiful!

Due to that the authorities had to close the roads leading to the volcano. We called the station to get some information on the situation and they told us that it will be not possible to walk up in the next days. We were a little bit upset because we were already very enthusiastic about that trip. Further we decided to have a look on the situation because we’ve already booked a car. So we drove up there hoping for the best. But we faced the road sign „carretera cortada“ pretty soon. There were also some officers keeping an eye on the road. We asked them if there is a possibility to go up and they told us that it is illegal, even to walk!

That they will be gone at 7 p.m. but police will come after that.  There were a lot of people and families waiting in their cars and it was almost 7, so asked them what they are waiting for. Of course they were waiting for the officers to leave in order to drive to the top.

After 20 minutes of thinking what to do and what will happen if police comes after us it was already 7 so we just did what the others did – we headed to the bright, white, mighty Teide.

Cars were parked on the side of the road and people did snow fights, sledded down the hills and made snowmen on their cars to take them tot he south, hahah.

We also stopped our car on the side oft he road and decided to hike for the next miles because there was a lot of snow and the car had no winter tires.

The adventure continued by feet for the next 3 km accompanied by the shiny, majestic full moon. Everyone walked faster than me of course, because I was captured by the power of the moon and the surrounding, taking tons of pictures.

It wasn’t even that cold as I imagined and walking kept us warm.

That magic landscape, the energies of the full moon, the shiny snowflakes on the ground and the fresh air were totally worth to do this „illegal“ action. But in the end nothing happened … cops were probably building snowmen themselves, haha.

Some facts about Teide:

  • Summit: 3.718m (highest point in Spain).
  • Mount Teide is the third largest island volcano in the world.
  • Last eruption in 1909.
  • Mount Teide is a stratovolcano, formed from layers of hardened lava and volcanic ash.
  • Several plants can only be found on the slopes of Mount Teide. These include: the Teide white broom and the Teide daisy.
  • There is a mountain range on the Moon called ‚Mounts Tenerife‘, because it was first observed by an astronomer whilst at the summit of Mount Teide.
  • The ancient Tenerife people, the Guanches, worshipped the god Achamán. His chief adversary was Guayota, king of the evil genies and they believed that he lived inside the Teide volcano, which was the gateway to hell.
  • Mount Teide casts the biggest sea shadow in the world.

Love, blessings and happy full moon! 

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