Fairy Woodland Forest

This mysterious Laurisilva forest is located in Las Mercedes surrounded by the Anaga mountains. As soon as I entered this dreamlike forest I felt really calm and connected to everything, I felt really peaceful and happy. Going to Las Mercedes from the beach in the south was a true wonder because the landscape up there in the Anaga mountains is so different than in the southern part of the island that I could barely believe that this is still on the same island. It felt like we’ve landed into the jungle of some other place.

Laurisilva or Laurel forest is a type of subtropical forests found in areas with high humidity and stable, mild temperatures. The forest is characterized by broadleaf tree species with evergreen, glossy and elongated leaves, known as „laurophyll“ or „lauroid“.

The laurel forest in Tenerife is a type of cloud forest. Cloud forests are found on mountain slopes where the dense moisture from the sea or ocean is precipitated as warm moist air masses blowing off the ocean are forced upwards by the terrain, which cools the air mass to the dew point. The moisture in the air condenses as rain or fog, creating a habitat characterized by cool, moist conditions in the air and soil. The resulting climate is wet and mild, with the annual oscillation of the temperature moderated by the proximity of the ocean.

 Apart from its dazzling beauty this natural puzzle of shapes and shades of green reveals all the dynamism that is typical of a balanced ecological system.

The laurel forest is a real paradise for discovering rare wild flowers and birds – oh, and wild kitties, meow!

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