Equipment for beginners |What camera you should buy

You want to buy a camera and start with photography but don’t know what gear to buy/start with?

All these cameras and lenses out there can be really confusing for a beginner. What do you really need to start with?

What should I get?

A good camera to start with are cameras with APSC Sensors or Micro-Four Thirds. If you are more serious into photography or plan to get there I’d recommend to invest in a full frame camera.

Full Frame/ APSC Sensor?

SONY a 6000

The SONY a 6000 is a camera I like to propose to everyone asking. It’s a very good camera, it has the perfect size for traveling and a very reasonable price. Of course there are some others out there from other camera producers but I already told you that I’m a big SONY fan!


The size of the sensor changes the amount of the scene captured by the camera. Although APS-C and full-frame cameras can share many of the same lenses, the visual effect they provide is different. It’s the angle of view that actually changes, as smaller APS-C sensors cover less of the image projected by the lens = you have a zoom effect (50 mm lens is not 50 mm on an APSC Sensor camera).


Perhaps the biggest advantage of going full-frame is image quality. The sensor is bigger therefore the size of the pixels too, results better quality even at higher ISO sensitivities. With a full frame it’s easier to create that blurry images because the depth of field is smaller than on an APSC sensor.

What do I photograph?

First question to ask yourself: What do I photograph the most? Do I mainly do landscapes, portraits, sport or architecture etc.? Each system has it’s own advantages, so depending on your photography style and topic it’s better to choose the one rather than the other. To explain: APSC is nice for sports and safari because with a 200 mm lens you are much closer to the subject than with a full frame. On an APSC sensor the 200 mm are ‚closer‘ because you add a crop factor to the it. With full frame you can capture wider angles (eg. architecture).

3 Cameras on a budget I can recommend

* I’ve always worked with SONY so the following are some I picked from the internet (so check out the SONY a 6000 I mentioned in the beginning of this post)

  • Canon EOS 200D
  • Nikon D5300
  • Canon EOS 4000D


I’d recommend you to invest in good lenses rather than the most expensive camera, at least when you’re getting started with photography. The faster the lens the more light comes in, means you can take better pictures even without that much light plus you get that blurry background.

Here again, it depends what you prefer to photograph if a zoom lens or a prime (fixed) lens is the best option for you!

First things first but there is so much more about the technology of photography. Hit me up for 1:1 private photography lessons!

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