Eco Fashion For A Better World: Green Shirts

Eco Fashion For A Better World: Green Shirts

Different topic today here on my blog: Fashion, but not just fashion, it’s about sustainable and eco friendly fashion. I’m wearing  GREEN SHIRTS.

„In Praise of Slowness“

Why? Because I’m getting more and more into the whole slow everything-thing  in today’s times where many things are going too fast and too wrong! From the way we consume, to the way we eat and the way we dress …

The trend of slow, organic food people seem to understand because it’s directly beneficial to their health, but they are failing to see the direct benefit of buying ethical clothing. It’s also about saving the people, not only the planet.

Slow means focussing more on a form of consciousness, awareness and a sense of respect for materials and people. Ensuring quality production, giving value to the product and contemplating the connection with nature. 

Looking deeper behind the curtains on to everything and seeing the big picture. 

Fighting the fast cycle and embracing the ever-expanding concept of Slowness. 

Watch this Trailer of the Movie „The True Cost“ which sums up the problems with the fast fashion industry:

GREEN SHIRTS was brought to life by a young man named Niklas Astor who one day faced the problem that nearly all textiles are produced under polluting and inhuman circumstances.

He didn’t want to support this exploitive conditions anymore, so he started to look for sustainable, ecological ways of production. This was the moment GREEN SHIRTS was born.

GREEN SHIRTS is sustainable from production to transport and not only: The production is happening under fair labour standards using renewable energy. The shipping is climate-neutral and their promotional stuff is made out of recycled materials. They really are making a change!

By choosing organic over conventional cotton each of us has the purchasing power to influence brands, manufacturers and even farmers.

Let’s make a change because in the end we are all ONE! 


It’s better to go slow in the right direction than to go fast in the wrong direction.

-Simon Sinek

It’s up to YOU how you chose to go. 😉 

All pictures taken by the awesome: Julia Altenburger |

What I wore: SWEATER BASIC Rose (Spring collection, coming soon) •  RECYCLED SWEATER BASIC in Melange Plum • SWEATSHIRT WE ARE ALL ONE • BIRD OF YING AND YANG Shirt

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