Cuevas Del Drach – A Hidden Under World

Coves del Drach

The caves of the devil are four caves that are located on Mallorca Island, one of the Balearic Islands archipelago in Spain.  Located near Porto Cristo, a small beautiful city with a harbour (must see if you are around). The caves extend to a depth of 25 m and reach approximately 4 km in length. The four caves are called Black Cave, White Cave, Cave of Luis Salvador and Cave of the French, all connected to each other.

Refuge from the pirates

The name of the caves goes back to an old legend that says that once there lived a scary monster deep down the inside of the caves who was protecting a treasure of gold.

The inhabitants of Mallorca weren’t afraid of the monster as they were of the pirates. They used those caves as a refuge when the pirates came to rob the island, which happened quite often because the pirates loved Mallorca.  

Inside the caves 

The caves can be visited during the whole year. In the center of the caves there is a underground lake named after a french cave scientist Édouard Alfred Martel – „Lago Martel“. 

It is 180 m long, 40 m wide and it goes to 28 m deep. Each hour there is a classical orchestra concert on this lake.  Four musicians performing on a small boat while the other two boats are following. The visitors follow the show from a tribune in total darkness while the concert and the light show on the lake are taking place. 

The light show illuminating only the lake and the boats in the dark big cave are an incredible experience. The whole concert in this place feels like a dream, an unreal happening. 

After the concert is over the visitors can chose if they want to take the boat on the Martel lake or to walk besides it to the exit of the caves.

The experience

By bus we reached the caves very easy. The bus stop is directly in front of the caves. The entry price is 15 € which is quite ok for that experience. The boat drive on the lake is included in the price, we thought we need to pay extra so we chose to walk and not to take the boat. If you want to take some nice pictures I would recommend walking but the boat drive is for sure an amazing experience too. 

The walk through the caves took approximately one hour. It is a guided walk and followed by a couple of guides which are walking after the last visitors so nobody gets lost.

It happened to us that we lost the guide and our group in another cave when suddenly the lights went off and we were standing in the dark cave as we were taking pictures. Was funny tough because I was asking myself how it would be to walk in complete darkness just before it happened. 

I had enough time to take pictures even tough I wish I had more. It is not allowed to shoot with flash or to use a tripod but using a fast lens will make it to capture some amazing shots.

The last bus back home left 20 minutes after the tour was over so it was perfectly scheduled for a short day trip to Cuevas del Drach. 

If you visit Mallorca this has to be on your must see list! Not only for cave lovers but for the love of mother nature perfectness.  💚

Visit their website for more information.

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