How My Days Look Like Here

    Hit play for getting into the vibe:

    As sun rises at 7:30 and temperatures in our tent get too hot for sleeping, pretty much all my days here start with sun rise. Except Sundays after party … Sun gazing, doing some Yoga and Meditation for a good start in the new day. Before going  to town we take a shower at the beach showers near the city. There we also wash our wear. It’s really funny showering there, people walking by on the road and staring at us, fucking hippies, haha.

    Our home. At the moment sharing the tent with Olga, but she will leave soon so I’ll be queen of the green castle :)))

    Usually I like to have my Coffee in the city while doing some work on the laptop, managing my photos, writing here on the Blog, checking Mails and so on. If I’m too lazy for going to the city, even if it’s 10 minutes away (becoming lazy here and spending all day in the sun is easy, haha), I read (Siddhartha at the moment – just perfect while traveling) or hang around with people from all over the world having interesting conversations. Well, seems like Germans, Hungarians, Estonians , Russians and Italians are here the rest of the world :))

    Searching for Cafés with wifi and charging possibility like:

    After spending some hours in the city and buying food, we go back to our tents to cook something (now we have a new kitchen) Tadaaa:

    Or eating some delicious Prickly pear cactus fruits. They have been a main aliment of the Mexican and Central American diet for thousands of years. In parts of the U.S. it has been gaining popularity as an exotic, gourmet and healthy addition to one’s diet. The prickly pear plant has two different edible sections: the pad of the cactus (nopal), which can be treated like a vegetable, and the pear (tuna), which can be treated like a fruit.

    Cooling down after laying in the sun like:

    Close to sunset it gets cooler outside and I have to put on some more clothes before starting my visit to our neighbors.

    Sometimes I also like sitting in my tent or on the air mattress on the beach at night to edit my pictures because there is no sun light or any disturbing reflections on my screen. Oh, and that view:

    At around 19:00 when sun sets here, once the last rays are gone, there are not many things to do in the dark. On weekends there are live concerts at the beach bar or at the fire place where people are beating the drums or playing guitar and sing.

    Olga likes dancing with her iPod in the dark and I’m running around taking pictures of the night sky.

    I also like joining the cooking in the evening, where almost everyone from our camp is sitting around and prepare some delicious food. I love sitting around the fire place with good people and the breathtaking night sky above!

    Goodnight marvelous view and stars!

    Life here making my eyes shine and my heart dance 🙂


    Fairy Woodland Forest

    This mysterious Laurisilva forest is located in Las Mercedes surrounded by the Anaga mountains. As soon as I entered this dreamlike forest I felt really calm and connected to everything, I felt really peaceful and happy. Going to Las Mercedes from the beach in the south was a true wonder because the landscape up there in the Anaga mountains is so different than in the southern part of the island that I could barely believe that this is still on the same island. It felt like we’ve landed into the jungle of some other place.

    Laurisilva or Laurel forest is a type of subtropical forests found in areas with high humidity and stable, mild temperatures. The forest is characterized by broadleaf tree species with evergreen, glossy and elongated leaves, known as „laurophyll“ or „lauroid“.

    The laurel forest in Tenerife is a type of cloud forest. Cloud forests are found on mountain slopes where the dense moisture from the sea or ocean is precipitated as warm moist air masses blowing off the ocean are forced upwards by the terrain, which cools the air mass to the dew point. The moisture in the air condenses as rain or fog, creating a habitat characterized by cool, moist conditions in the air and soil. The resulting climate is wet and mild, with the annual oscillation of the temperature moderated by the proximity of the ocean.

     Apart from its dazzling beauty this natural puzzle of shapes and shades of green reveals all the dynamism that is typical of a balanced ecological system.

    The laurel forest is a real paradise for discovering rare wild flowers and birds – oh, and wild kitties, meow!


    Magic Masca Road

    The village of Masca and the surrounding area was one of the last refuges of the indigenous inhabitants here, the Guanche, who lived in the deep caves of the main ravine, or barranco, before eventually being displaced by people from beyond the archipelago.

    As this is one of the remotest parts of the island it seems a world away from the big resorts, and here you can get a real feel for what Tenerife was once like before holidaymakers started arriving.

    Masca has managed to hang on to its unspoilt appeal because it has only really been accessible since the early 1990s.

    It’s breathtaking to drive and it’s really hard to concentrate on the tangled road and double-jointed switchbacks which lie ahead. Ironically this road is the safest roads in Tenerife, because people are driving extra slowly here – oh, and be prepared for huge oncoming buses!

    This location is simply magical in many senses. The feeling of standing up there, seeing the ocean behind the majestic mountains and the psychedelic road curling around them is hard to describe. And I couldn’t imagine a better place to enjoy my Barraquito – mountains, palms, birds singing, sunshine, a good book and the sound of a space drum in the background.

    Masca is for sure one of my favorite places here! So capturing.


    Did I already say that I totally adore this place? What do you think? 


    Full Moon Walk On Snowy Volcano

    Each morning at sunrise when I get out of my tent I admire this marvelous mountains that surround me and if I am lucky, the top of the Teide volcano is visible, if not covered in fluffy white clouds.

    I was looking forward to the day, where we hike up to the mountain shelter on Teide for spending a night there and continuing hiking up to the crater of the volcano before sunrise from there. For walking up there you need a permission, so we had that because it was included in the booking. But then mother nature decided to sprinkle some snow on the volcano and here in Tenerife they can’t handle snow :)))

    Now my view in the morning and while doing yoga on the beach in bikini is the huge Teide Volcano and surrounding mountains coated in white. Here 23°C there -4°C. Really hard to imagine and insanely beautiful!

    Due to that the authorities had to close the roads leading to the volcano. We called the station to get some information on the situation and they told us that it will be not possible to walk up in the next days. We were a little bit upset because we were already very enthusiastic about that trip. Further we decided to have a look on the situation because we’ve already booked a car. So we drove up there hoping for the best. But we faced the road sign „carretera cortada“ pretty soon. There were also some officers keeping an eye on the road. We asked them if there is a possibility to go up and they told us that it is illegal, even to walk!

    That they will be gone at 7 p.m. but police will come after that.  There were a lot of people and families waiting in their cars and it was almost 7, so asked them what they are waiting for. Of course they were waiting for the officers to leave in order to drive to the top.

    After 20 minutes of thinking what to do and what will happen if police comes after us it was already 7 so we just did what the others did – we headed to the bright, white, mighty Teide.

    Cars were parked on the side of the road and people did snow fights, sledded down the hills and made snowmen on their cars to take them tot he south, hahah.

    We also stopped our car on the side oft he road and decided to hike for the next miles because there was a lot of snow and the car had no winter tires.

    The adventure continued by feet for the next 3 km accompanied by the shiny, majestic full moon. Everyone walked faster than me of course, because I was captured by the power of the moon and the surrounding, taking tons of pictures.

    It wasn’t even that cold as I imagined and walking kept us warm.

    That magic landscape, the energies of the full moon, the shiny snowflakes on the ground and the fresh air were totally worth to do this „illegal“ action. But in the end nothing happened … cops were probably building snowmen themselves, haha.

    Some facts about Teide:

    • Summit: 3.718m (highest point in Spain).
    • Mount Teide is the third largest island volcano in the world.
    • Last eruption in 1909.
    • Mount Teide is a stratovolcano, formed from layers of hardened lava and volcanic ash.
    • Several plants can only be found on the slopes of Mount Teide. These include: the Teide white broom and the Teide daisy.
    • There is a mountain range on the Moon called ‚Mounts Tenerife‘, because it was first observed by an astronomer whilst at the summit of Mount Teide.
    • The ancient Tenerife people, the Guanches, worshipped the god Achamán. His chief adversary was Guayota, king of the evil genies and they believed that he lived inside the Teide volcano, which was the gateway to hell.
    • Mount Teide casts the biggest sea shadow in the world.

    Love, blessings and happy full moon! 


    First Impressions Of Tenerife

    Here I am, one week full of crazy adventures. Traveled the whole island in those days with our rented car (it’s really cheap here to rent a car if you take it for 7 days or more). Now the adventure goes on by hitchhiking and trekking. This island is actually even more beautiful than I had imagined. I’m so excited of everything I see 😀

    I don’t really have many words for my excitement, see pictures of some really awesome spots here and understand why:

    Masca road 


    Camping in Las Galletas

    Sleeping place in El Médano

    Santa Cruz nights

    Auditorium in Santa Cruz

    Shoe stone in Teide Parc

    Lizards everywhere

    View over Anaga mountains

    Los Gigantes Cliffs 

    Sun over Masca mountains

    El Drago (Icod de los vinos) – 1.000 years old

    Nightsky in the mountains

    Teide volcano

    Teide National Parc


    What do you say? I would say you should plan your trip to this beautiful Island soon 🙂