About me

Hello, I’m Andreea Mercurean, 25 years old, a self-taught photographer from Romania, based in Vienna. My biggest passions in this life are Photography and Traveling. I love to explore new places, discover photo motifs and new people. On this page I want to share with you my photography skills I’ve learned over the past years and now also learn in photography school, which I recently started. Yep, I started to study photography after photographing for many years. I feel that there is still so much I can learn and I want to know EVERYTHING on this topic. My blog is also a place where I want to collect and share motivation for one’s dreams to motivate you (and also myself) to follow your passion and do what makes you happy. I’m focusing on finishing photo school and buy a van to travel to northern Europe, creating content and beautiful memories. What are you working for? This is a place for all photo enthusiasts, wanderlusters, explorers and dreamers – welcome to my blog!

Gypsee Adventures by Andreea Mercurean