Hey, nice to have you here – My name is Andreea-Elena and I’m the adventurous soul behind GypSEE Adventures.

I’m a wild hearted gypsy soul that loves to walk bare foot. I was born in Transylvania, Romania and grew up in Vienna, Austria.

I grew up with long camping trips in the deep, wild forests of Transylvania – swimming in lakes, brushing my teeth with ice cold river water, fishing, cooking at the camp fire and scaring away brown bears.

Camping, being out in nature and moving further to new places is in my blood. I love the thrill of adventure, of overcoming my fears.  Spending nights out, watching the stars and sit around camp fires are my favorite kind of nights. I love deep conversations and tend to see magic all around me.

In summer you’ll find me at psy trance music festivals around Europe – where I love to dive into a different, more colorful world and do what I love to: camping, dancing, taking pictures and hanging out in hammocks.

Since my solo camping adventure to Tenerife (in 2016) for three months I’m totally hooked on traveling, not only traveling but the art of slow traveling. Staying longer in one place, making friends with locals and getting to know their culture and day to day life. In my eyes this is the best education one can get.

I love sharing my travel adventures and pictures with people and that’s the reason I started this blog. You’ll read a mix of different stories, mainly on traveling, camping, hiking, psy trance festivals, van life, sustainable way of life, eco fashion/second hand. 

Thanks for reading Gypsees, 💚