7.000 km Road Trip Through 8 Countries

The summer of 2016 was a blasting one for us – with many adventures on our big Europe road trip!  I was happy to get the car and hit the road, now that I had my driving license (passed the exam 2 weeks before the trip). Luckily my dad had the guts to give me his car, haha. So now we had this spacious Ford Galaxy for our journey. Me, my other half and a friend were ready and highly motivated for the adventure.

We started our road trip from Vienna and hit the direction Masters of Puppets Festival in Czech Republic. The first festival for the summer and we enjoyed it a lot I have to say! A really nice gathering with killer music in a magical place. It was the perfect start into a festival summer.

Loved it so much that the Milky Way was visible each night! Catches me every time for hours …

After the Festival we originally planned to go to see Berlin before the next festival was about to start but we had to return to Vienna because our car had no more battery … We managed to make it run but it still didn’t work properly because we had to steal our own car :))) The battery was that empty that the engine didn’t recognize the car keys anymore …

So we returned to Vienna, checked the car again, washed our clothes and left again – this time to the Freqs of Nature Festival near Berlin.

This festival had for sure the best decoration I’ve seen so far! It was something totally different than decorations at other festivals of that kind. Really, really magnificent.

We ate a lot on that festival :))) Had some really delicious food and PANCAKES!

From Berlin we left to Barcelona – loooong way ahead! We made two stops in France before we reached the 3rd festival – Kali Mela near Barcelona. Our friends had an crazy incident with their car that was on the way with us to the festival and they had to leave the car in France … Even if our car was big, it was so full that we didn’t had room for 3 more people so they came by train to the festival one day later …)

We continued our journey and after 2 days on the road we finally reached the area in the middle of literally NOWHERE, where the Festival took place. We got there by night – a very cold and stormy one! Expected other weather conditions for Spain but they showed up on the next day … from then on it was pretty hot and  dusty all the time – we all had problems with our throat and I even lost my voice for some days … at least we had a lot to laugh about, as my voice sounded way too funny :)))

Kali Mela was a crazy Festival. Strong energies and many different people around. It was an awesome time with the tribe and the music was killer, killer!

After Kali Mela we spent 1 week on a camping spot near Barcelona. From there we drove every day to the city by train. We didn’t want to take the car because traffic in Barcelona is insane! We also heard about the many break-ins into cars with foreign number plates so we didn’t want to take the risk, as I made the experience in Tenerife. The car was safe in the camping!

It was my first time in Barcelona, finally! I wanted to see this amazing city for so long … and it totally didn’t disappoint me. It is even better than I thought. I fell in love with Barcelona even before being there. The vibes of this city and the people are just awesome.

Well, luckily we didn’t had any negative experience. There was just one case in the metro that two guys tried to steal something from our bags – they didn’t really came that far because we were holding our bags in front of us and I was watching the guys because I realized what they are trying to do …

If you are in Barcelona always keep an eye on your things and don’t leave them unobserved.

Sleeping place on the road from Barcelona to Hungary – somewhere in France.

There we are – we finally reached PARADISE! After one week in Barcelona we hurried to the next festival which was about to start – OZORA. This time the road didn’t take that much because we were 3 drivers, driving with almost no break.

We convinced our friends to join us! We offered to pick them up in Vienna and take them to the festival. They were a lot into our idea, they had only one ‚problem‘: no money for the tickets, which were 130 € each. Too good it didn’t stop them. Asking for donations and giving cookies in return was a good idea – after couple of hours they had the money for 2 tickets! And a lot of coins … coins, coins :))))

OZORA was the last festival for the summer for me. It was so much fun. I like this festival a lot because of it’s wide range of activities and the diversity of people coming from all around the globe. Such a colorful, crazy tribe.

I was also very happy to see and dance with friends from Tenerife again. Really nice bunch of brothers and sisters we’ve been around there. Having a great time and connecting with beautiful souls.

On the last day of the festival my lovely parents came to the Festival to take me on a trip. We headed to the Black Sea in Romania. The last time I was there was when I was at the age of 4. So I was really excited to see this area again.

After the crazy road trips and many festivals I was so happy to have the possibility to come down and chill my soul on the beach. And I needed it so much – I was sleeping for days when we arrived. It was the perfect retreat to charge my batteries. Ah, how I love the sea, the beach life and vibes ∞ …

‚Vama Veche‘ the last beach before the Bulgarian border with colorful people and party non stop. You gotta experience it for yourself! 😀

After one week at the beach my crazy road trip came to an end! After 3 months of adventures and new places … back to Vienna, trying to arrive ‚home‘ again.

Got the next destinations already in my head … :)))

Hope you had a super nice summer and enjoyed every moment of it! 🙂


Blessings, Love & Peace, A. 




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