28 Kilometer Trekking – Crossing Barranco Del Infierno

    Me and Sergio, my neighbor were planning to do a trekking together. So we decided to walk to the nearby mountains we see every day from our place. He told me that he already has been there before and that he loves the route, so it wouldn’t bother him to walk it a second time. He also told me that it is pretty long … I remember him saying something about 15km (this already sounded a lot to me!) … So the big day for our adventure has come and we took a healthy, powerful breakfast, drank tea, like always (Sergio is a tea addict – and he took me also to the dark side of black tea :))) ), put our trekking shoes on, prepared some food and water for the hike and started our walk, our friend Valentin joined our trip.

    Proper prepared for trekking :)))

    We began our walk at 11:30 from sea level to the next town Adeje. 4,5km later we arrived there. From there the interesting part began! Wonderful trekking road, getting more and more silent as deeper as we walked away from the city. This first part was a very rough one, as the sun was shining down on us, the road being very cliffy … ufff! Sweating a lot and drinking almost my whole water only in this first part haha. I thought the whole hike will be like that and I started to think the guys are crazy (it’s nothing new anyway that this guys, especially Vale, are crazy, haha) and that I won’t be able to do it … after asking couple of times „Guys, but how many kilometers do we REALLY have to walk? And how many hours? And when will we arrive? I need a break, I’m melting …“ At first I really thought „Fuuuck, maybe it’s too much for me …

    They were trying to explain me that this is the first and hardest part, that we have to get to the top and there we will take a break with breathtaking view, after that we have the second part ahead of us with another break and after this second break we will continue with the third part and then we’ll finally arrive in Arona, the end of our walk. For me this sounded crazy as fuck, as I imagined the whole road to be cliffy and hard like in the beginning!

    But the guys were right! After this hard part, with a lot of sweating and for me almost no talking, because I had to concentrate not to die (the guys were singing almost all the way up some Russian Hippie songs), hahah. The landscape was pretty dry with a lot of cactus, stones, small flowers and after a while we encountered the first pine tree .. growing alone in the middle of the desert-like scene.

    As we arrived on the top (after aprox. 2,5 hours) where this marvelous view was waiting for us:

    After a little break for a meal and resting we continued the second part. The landscape began to change … more and more trees grew among the road and it got greener and greener.

    The smell began to change – clean, fresh air and the smell of pine trees, fresh gras, sweet flowers accompanied our walk through this part. I was so caught by all this beautiful impressions that I forgot to walk further at some points … just standing still in the middle of this enchanting surrounding …

    Lava tracks
    Collecting huge pinecones

    At this point – exactly over the „Barranco del Infierno“ (we walked around it), we took our second break for resting. Eating some cookies and drinking a self made energy drink for the last part of the walk. We were standing up there and shouting out (the guys some strange Russian words and me making confused sounds :))) ) – crazy echo this mountains reflect!

    I was just so amazed about all this, standing there in the middle of this huge stone mountains, giant trees growing on them, the sound of the wind whispering through the canyon, the beautiful sounds the birds were singing and despite all this sounds combined, the total silence there is. It really felt like a therapy for the soul! At some point I forgot that I am walking and that everything hurts, it felt like a state of deep meditation, everything seemed so easy and all that mattered was the present moment – well, the now is always what matters, but this reminded me how powerful the present moment is! Remind yourself to take yourself back into the present moment, if it happens that you are trapped somewhere in the past or future!

    I recognized how much I missed the forest and the trees. The very deep connection I have with trees and their energy …

    We kept walking and walking and walking … discovering huge caves, mysterious circles, empty houses and beautiful birds. It seemed like this hike will never end … after 6 hours of walking, no wonder! Slowly we hoped to get close to the town of Arona, where we can take the bus home … after 3 more hours of hiking we finally reached it!!! Hurraaa … „oh, but wait where is the bus station?“ .. After arriving there we realized we missed the last bus that was at 20:00! Sitting in the station completely done, with pain in our legs and butts :))) … we had to hitchhike back. We were very lucky that after only 10 minutes of waiting (in a place where almost no cars drove), a very nice and crazy girl took us almost close to Caleta. But we still had to walk 3km to there … but after 25km, 3 more didn’t matter anymore 😉

    La Gomera island

    After arriving home I had to go to the Golf Club to shower and take water … so my walk was not over! It was the last thing I wanted to do after this crazy hike but it had to be … After that was done I jumped onto my new mattress (thank you Alma 😉 ) and had so strong pain in my feet and hips that I barely was able to fall asleep … Today (the morning after) I walk like my grand grandmother :)))

    But it was definitely a beautiful road to walk and it showed me once more that anything is possible if you don’t limit yourself and just focus on the good parts 🙂

    Google maps pic, just because it’s so breathtaking from above.