Why Traveling With The Right Person Is The Most Awesome Thing

Trav­el­ing is tru­ly one of the coolest and most amaz­ing things you can do togeth­er with your best friend or your loved one. While solo trav­el is empow­er­ing and inspir­ing a trip with your spe­cial friend cre­ates bliss­ful­ly mem­o­ries that you will cher­ish for­ev­er. Being friends with some­one is one thing you know, but trav­el­ing with them? An com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent sto­ry, I can tell you. Trav­el­ing is good for your health (Read: 8 Rea­sons Why Trav­el­ing Is Good For Your Health) but still … it needs to be the right trav­el bud­dy to ben­e­fit rather than harm­ing your calm­ness. 

Better off alone than in wrong company”

After my expe­ri­ence cou­ple of years ago where I was trav­el­ing with one of my best friends (at that time) I promised myself that I’m bet­ter off alone trav­el­ing than with the wrong friend by my side. We just didn’t have the same style and idea of trav­el­ing …

You might be real­ly good friends and have a lot of fun togeth­er but when it comes to trav­el­ing, it can be entire­ly dif­fer­ent. I think it is real­ly hard to find a trav­el bud­dy who trav­els the same way you do …

soul sister

Sharing doubles the happiness

My solo trip to Tener­ife for three months last year was excep­tion­al for sure. But being there again this year with my trav­el gyp­sy sis­ter Vales­ka showed me how won­der­ful it can be to share those amaz­ing moments with some­one. 

It was our first trav­el togeth­er and luck­i­ly I found out that hav­ing this amaz­ing bond when trav­el­ing is the most amaz­ing thing that can hap­pen in a friend­ship. 💙

10 Reasons Why Traveling With The Right Person Is Awesome

Your friendship get’s to another, deeper level

You are togeth­er in the good days as well as in the bad ones.  Espe­cial­ly through dif­fi­cult sit­u­a­tions you will get to tru­ly know the oth­er on a deep­er lev­el. 

 You have loads of inside jokes 

Oh yeah, it’s just too good to just look at each oth­er and to exact­ly know what one is think­ing about or about to say with­out say­ing it. 

You step out of your comfort zone together

And this is where the mag­ic hap­pens! Step out of that freakin’ zone, togeth­er.

You learn from each other 

Oh yeah, and how you do.  It’s fun­ny to real­ize how the oth­er per­son is just a reflec­tion of your­self. Observe the oth­er and learn about your­self. 

You encourage and push each other

Hik­ing to the crater of a vol­cano is sim­ply “eas­i­er” if your friend kicks you in your ass when you are about to give up for the 100th time. We need friends like these so much in our lifes. 

You have a photographer and a model all the time 

As a pho­tog­ra­ph­er you will always have a per­son to pho­to­graph. Also real­ly nice in case  you want pic­tures too (like in my case — I’m always the pho­tog­ra­ph­er but there are rarely pic­tures of myself).

Two thinking minds are better than one

Faster and bet­ter prob­lem solv­ing — if you’re not drunk of course. :)) 

You feel safe

… and you can hope that the oth­er one is sav­ing you, just in case.

You can pack less because you will just share everything

Damn, where is my razor?”

Don’t mind, I have one.”

Crap, all my socks and pants are dirty!”

I still have some, you can take mine.”

I love your skirt, I think it would look good on me today.”

You can wear it. Can I wear your pink top today?”

Hahah, girls stuff. Just awe­some. 😀

You will create memories you can share for the rest of your lives

And you’ll have a lot to tell …

They make sure you stick to your budget (or not)

Well, they are sup­posed to. But not any­more when it comes to drink­ing Bar­raquitos (a spe­cial cof­fee from the Canary Islands with liquor).

Liv­ing la vida loca”

One guy we were stay­ing at said to us that we are the hap­pi­est girls he met so far.

He was won­der­ing how we can have so much fun and laugh all the time (like lit­er­al­ly all the time, also half of the night). Well, liv­ing la vida loca with the right trav­el sis­ter is easy you know. You just vibe. 💕

What do you think is the best part about traveling with your best friend?

And what’s your favorite place you’ve been to with your bestie?  


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