Why I love buying clothes at the second-hand

Million tons of clothes are thrown away each year. Buying second hand clothing does not only reduce the waste, it supports the community and it’s sustainable.

For me it’s 1 year with­out buy­ing new clothes (except 3–5 pieces). Not harm­ing the plan­et and not sup­port­ing the fast fash­ion indus­try. Since I’m work­ing for a green eco wear com­pa­ny my think­ing on the fash­ion indus­try changed a lot. As I’m try­ing to live a more con­scious life why not when it come to fash­ion too?

Living a conscious life

What does this mean? Liv­ing a con­scious life means you’re active­ly check your activ­i­ties, deci­sions and options. You’re mak­ing delib­er­ate choic­es based on your val­ues and your truth. Choos­ing to live con­scious­ly, means you can ques­tion and chal­lenge every­thing. You can do what feels right to you and reject the things that don’t res­onate with you.

When it comes to fash­ion (and not only) I ask myself a lot of ques­tions: Where does it come from? Who made it in which con­di­tions?

Cheap clothing won’t get you far

Our soci­ety is dri­ven around con­sumerism and no one thinks behind want­i­ng new things (at least very few do). Where their products/clothes come from and how they are made. It seems nor­mal that a Shirt costs 8€, same price as a burg­er. I get the think­ing beyond it that you have less mon­ey and don’t want to spend it all on clothes so you buy cheap ones. But is THAT the solu­tion? Buy to pro­duce more harm and trash? Cheap cloth­ing won’t get you very far so why not buy sec­ond-hand? It’s reused but in most of the cas­es bet­ter than your 8€ shirt. And it’s recy­cled!

Peo­ple keep ask­ing me where I got my pieces from and I most­ly leave them speech­less when I tell them it cost me only 1 € at the sec­ond-hand.

Here are 5 strong reasons to buy second-hand

1. It saves you a lot of mon­ey
Shop­ping at sec­ond-hands is real­ly cheap. You’ll have more mon­ey for the real life adven­tures like trav­el­ing, invest­ing in hob­bies, you name it. In Roma­nia there are days where all pieces cost 1€ at HUMANA.

You’ll find a lot of expen­sive brands at no price, if you’re wor­ship­ping the tag.

2. It’s sus­tain­able
Pro­duc­ing new cloth­ing requires ener­gy and a lot of chem­i­cals. Buy­ing sec­ond hand is reusing the goods which some­body else wore before, reduc­ing the impact on the plan­et. Recy­cling makes us feel good about our actions.


3. Not sup­port­ing the fast fash­ion indus­try
Seri­ous­ly, have you heard about the many tragedies that hap­pened in tex­tile fac­to­ries? Where sew­ers are work­ing them­selves to death. Before that hap­pens they work in mis­er­able con­di­tions for even more mis­er­able wages. I don’t want to sup­port that! I am for the peo­ple so I buy sec­ond hand.

4. You’re unique
It doesn’t hap­pen that you run into some­body wear­ing the same piece as you.

5. Cloth­ing with soul

Each piece has it’s own sto­ry and soul. I like to think where this piece has been and what it’s seen.

What do you think about buy­ing sec­ond-hand? Do you own pieces from the thrift shop? Do you ask your­self where your cloth­ing comes from?

One Reply to “Why I love buying clothes at the second-hand”

  1. There aren’t many thrift shops where I live but I find that increas­ing­ly, char­i­ties tend to sell a great many ‘thrift’ items on eBay, after los­ing a lot of weight I need­ed to replen­ish my wardrobe quick­ly and after buy­ing a few pieces from the usu­al chain stores I decid­ed to go online to spot any bar­gains, not even con­sid­er­ing ‘sec­ond hand’, it was a rev­e­la­tion ! From new ‘new’ impulse buys still with the labels, straight through to a beau­ti­ful embroi­dered silk dress (around ten years old but hard­ly worn) I now have the most strik­ing and orig­i­nal col­lec­tion of out­fits and sep­a­rates at a frac­tion of the price their high street equiv­a­lents, some of the items need a lit­tle TLC when I receive them (I hand washed, fin­ished and pressed the silk dress) but I find this very enjoy­able and reward­ing, espe­cial­ly when I see the end result.

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