28 Kilometer Trekking — Crossing Barranco Del Infierno

Me and Ser­gio, my neigh­bor were plan­ning to do a trekking togeth­er. So we decid­ed to walk to the near­by moun­tains we see every day from our place. He told me that he already has been there before and that he loves the route, so it wouldn’t both­er him to walk it a sec­ond time. He also told me that it is pret­ty long … I remem­ber him say­ing some­thing about 15km (this already sound­ed a lot to me!) … So the big day for our adven­ture has come and we took a healthy, pow­er­ful break­fast, drank tea, like always (Ser­gio is a tea addict — and he took me also to the dark side of black tea :))) ), put our trekking shoes on, pre­pared some food and water for the hike and start­ed our walk, our friend Valentin joined our trip.

Prop­er pre­pared for trekking :)))

We began our walk at 11:30 from sea lev­el to the next town Ade­je. 4,5km lat­er we arrived there. From there the inter­est­ing part began! Won­der­ful trekking road, get­ting more and more silent as deep­er as we walked away from the city. This first part was a very rough one, as the sun was shin­ing down on us, the road being very cliffy … ufff! Sweat­ing a lot and drink­ing almost my whole water only in this first part haha. I thought the whole hike will be like that and I start­ed to think the guys are crazy (it’s noth­ing new any­way that this guys, espe­cial­ly Vale, are crazy, haha) and that I won’t be able to do it … after ask­ing cou­ple of times “Guys, but how many kilo­me­ters do we REALLY have to walk? And how many hours? And when will we arrive? I need a break, I’m melt­ing …” At first I real­ly thought “Fuu­uck, maybe it’s too much for me …

They were try­ing to explain me that this is the first and hard­est part, that we have to get to the top and there we will take a break with breath­tak­ing view, after that we have the sec­ond part ahead of us with anoth­er break and after this sec­ond break we will con­tin­ue with the third part and then we’ll final­ly arrive in Arona, the end of our walk. For me this sound­ed crazy as fuck, as I imag­ined the whole road to be cliffy and hard like in the begin­ning!

But the guys were right! After this hard part, with a lot of sweat­ing and for me almost no talk­ing, because I had to con­cen­trate not to die (the guys were singing almost all the way up some Russ­ian Hip­pie songs), hahah. The land­scape was pret­ty dry with a lot of cac­tus, stones, small flow­ers and after a while we encoun­tered the first pine tree .. grow­ing alone in the mid­dle of the desert-like scene.

As we arrived on the top (after aprox. 2,5 hours) where this mar­velous view was wait­ing for us:

After a lit­tle break for a meal and rest­ing we con­tin­ued the sec­ond part. The land­scape began to change … more and more trees grew among the road and it got green­er and green­er.

The smell began to change — clean, fresh air and the smell of pine trees, fresh gras, sweet flow­ers accom­pa­nied our walk through this part. I was so caught by all this beau­ti­ful impres­sions that I for­got to walk fur­ther at some points … just stand­ing still in the mid­dle of this enchant­i­ng sur­round­ing …

Lava tracks
Col­lect­ing huge pinecones

At this point — exact­ly over the “Bar­ran­co del Infier­no” (we walked around it), we took our sec­ond break for rest­ing. Eat­ing some cook­ies and drink­ing a self made ener­gy drink for the last part of the walk. We were stand­ing up there and shout­ing out (the guys some strange Russ­ian words and me mak­ing con­fused sounds :))) ) — crazy echo this moun­tains reflect!

I was just so amazed about all this, stand­ing there in the mid­dle of this huge stone moun­tains, giant trees grow­ing on them, the sound of the wind whis­per­ing through the canyon, the beau­ti­ful sounds the birds were singing and despite all this sounds com­bined, the total silence there is. It real­ly felt like a ther­a­py for the soul! At some point I for­got that I am walk­ing and that every­thing hurts, it felt like a state of deep med­i­ta­tion, every­thing seemed so easy and all that mat­tered was the present moment — well, the now is always what mat­ters, but this remind­ed me how pow­er­ful the present moment is! Remind your­self to take your­self back into the present moment, if it hap­pens that you are trapped some­where in the past or future!

I rec­og­nized how much I missed the for­est and the trees. The very deep con­nec­tion I have with trees and their ener­gy …

We kept walk­ing and walk­ing and walk­ing … dis­cov­er­ing huge caves, mys­te­ri­ous cir­cles, emp­ty hous­es and beau­ti­ful birds. It seemed like this hike will nev­er end … after 6 hours of walk­ing, no won­der! Slow­ly we hoped to get close to the town of Arona, where we can take the bus home … after 3 more hours of hik­ing we final­ly reached it!!! Hur­raaa … “oh, but wait where is the bus sta­tion?” .. After arriv­ing there we real­ized we missed the last bus that was at 20:00! Sit­ting in the sta­tion com­plete­ly done, with pain in our legs and butts :))) … we had to hitch­hike back. We were very lucky that after only 10 min­utes of wait­ing (in a place where almost no cars drove), a very nice and crazy girl took us almost close to Cale­ta. But we still had to walk 3km to there … but after 25km, 3 more didn’t mat­ter any­more 😉

La Gomera island

After arriv­ing home I had to go to the Golf Club to show­er and take water … so my walk was not over! It was the last thing I want­ed to do after this crazy hike but it had to be … After that was done I jumped onto my new mat­tress (thank you Alma 😉 ) and had so strong pain in my feet and hips that I bare­ly was able to fall asleep … Today (the morn­ing after) I walk like my grand grand­moth­er :)))

But it was def­i­nite­ly a beau­ti­ful road to walk and it showed me once more that any­thing is pos­si­ble if you don’t lim­it your­self and just focus on the good parts 🙂

Google maps pic, just because it’s so breath­tak­ing from above.

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