Lessons I’ve Learned While Traveling Alone

It’s now one week that I’m back home … back to the city life, where every­thing is going fast, peo­ple rush­ing every­where, events going on all the time, appoint­ments, where date and time play an impor­tant role … where peo­ple don’t say hel­lo to every­body on the street … (the first days after I arrived I want­ed to say “Hola” to every­one) and where peo­ple don’t thank the bus dri­ver for dri­ving them to their des­ti­na­tions …

… and where it’s cold as fuck, run­ning with win­ter clothes and boots — from nud­ist beach to win­ter time, hell … thought it will be almost sum­mer when I get back  :-))

I feel very hap­py to meet my friends again, share my sto­ries, lis­ten to what hap­pened in their lives while I was trav­el­ing. But at the same time it was very strange in the first 3–4 days to be in a big city again … well, it still is and will be but I think I just don’t like big cities any­more, haha.


Now I’m walk­ing dif­fer­ent­ly through the city, I’m actu­al­ly walk­ing more than tak­ing the pub­lic trans­port, I’m pay­ing more atten­tion to the sur­round­ings, the build­ings, look into peo­ple faces while they are busy to look at their phones or any­where else to avoid eye con­tact. Actu­al­ly I’m aware of a lot more details.

In a cou­ple of days I start work­ing because I need some  mon­ey for trav­el­ing again in two months, where the next trip is wait­ing for me. I can’t wait for that to hap­pen, because the city life and the peo­ple (not all of course) at the moment are a bit too strange for me. Luck­i­ly I live almost out­side the city so I have a for­est and the danube near­by … I’m close to nature some­how, but still, I miss being ONE with nature all the time. I miss the clear view of the stars at night, being able to fol­low the cycles of the moon … all this sim­ple things that make me being bal­anced and con­nect­ed to myself! Still my soul and body are full of ener­gy and pos­i­tive vibra­tions I’ve loaded while my trav­el. I’m still hold­ing the smile, calm­ness, love, good thoughts and faith I’ve expe­ri­enced there. Although I’m wak­ing up in my bed, look­ing at the ceil­ing and not on the sky, I’m visu­al­iz­ing the breath­tak­ing view I had every morn­ing when wak­ing up in nature and the days start good as well — no more “bad days” start­ing with wak­ing up … just like I had it before a lot of times. It’s always a good day!

The moment I arrived back, I start­ed to sort out my wardrobe, to sell some of the fur­ni­ture stand­ing in my room and now I’m plan­ning to sell my bed … the mat­tress should be enough! I feel that I don’t need all that stuff any­more, at least not every­thing. The pow­er of hav­ing less mate­r­i­al stuff is price­less!

Build­ing myself a blan­ket tent and arrang­ing an altar, where I can med­i­tate, con­nect to myself and do my crys­tal rit­u­als, hehe.

Well, this is how I feel now. But there are far more lessons I took with me, ideas that changed my mind, opened and stretched it. Though I was an open per­son before,  I changed my mind about things that I had not imag­ined to see them the way I do now.

I want to share some of the ideas/lessons with you here.

Think about it, take them as an advice, encour­age, or take them how­ev­er you want :-))

*Spir­i­tu­al les­son starts here* :-)))

  • You have to trust your­self! You are capa­ble of far more than you think. You are brave. Have no fears.
  • Leave your com­fort zone! There is where mag­ic hap­pens.
  • Enjoy the jour­ney.
  • Spend time alone! Some peo­ple real­ly don’t know how to enjoy their own com­pa­ny.
  • Appre­ci­ate the lit­tle things in life. The ordi­nary lit­tle things that are far too often under­val­ued, but have great sig­nif­i­cance!
  • Be thank­ful for every­thing.
  • Try not to have expec­ta­tions.
  • Life is so much more than mon­ey. You don’t have to be rich to trav­el well.
  • Love your­self first! Love oth­ers uncon­di­tion­al­ly for the beau­ti­ful souls they are.
  • See the beau­ty in the peo­ple around you.
  • We are not as dif­fer­ent as you think.
  • Let your friends know that you love them. Tell them more often.


  • Trust the uni­verse. It’s the way to become ONE with it!
  • Every­thing that hap­pens to you, every­thing you do and every­one you meet is put on your path for one rea­son. The tim­ing it hap­pens is always per­fect! In the end it all makes sense, why it hap­pened when it did and why some per­sons appeared into (or left) your life when they did.
  • Every loss is a win too! When life takes some­thing away from you, it gives you some­thing else.
  • Always give your whole atten­tion while talk­ing to some­body else.
  • Don’t take every­thing per­son­al­ly! Some­times when peo­ple act the way they do or say things they say, it has to do with their own jour­ney, expe­ri­ences, dis­ap­point­ments, fears and so on.
  • Try to under­stand why some peo­ple are the way they are or why they do the things they do!
  • Start pay­ing more atten­tion to what you feel in dif­fer­ent sit­u­a­tions. What makes you hap­py, sad, angry, etc. and why. Try to find out why and how you can change it.
  • Observe your thoughts and your actions.

  • Be aware of your thoughts. Keep them pos­i­tive and kind.
  • Let go of thoughts and actions that don’t make your soul rise.
  • Be hon­est and say what you feel. And if some­body can not han­dle your hon­esty it’s their prob­lem, not yours.
  • Stay true to your­self and the peo­ple around you.
  • Be more present in the moment! Pay more atten­tion to what you are doing at the moment rather than think­ing about some oth­er stuff.
  • Pay more atten­tion to your body and what it has to tell you. Eat slow, chew more and be aware of how good it feels to just observe this.
  • We have the great pow­er to heal our body.

This is more a list to remind myself of the thoughts that came in my mind while I was in Tener­ife and which I want to keep. I feel that I’ve grown a lot spir­i­tu­al­ly and that I want to share some of my thoughts with you, in order to make you think about it, even if some things may not be new for some of you.

I’m so calm and full of love, FULL POWER! So receive some of it, souls, phew phew! 😉

Bless­ings & a lot of many LOVE, A.

(a lot of many — Valentin, I’ll keep this say­ing for­ev­er I guess 🙂 )


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