My Paragliding Experience Over Tenerife

Since I’m a little girl I  dream about flying … many years I believed I am able to float, just because it felt so real in my dreams. Somehow the right moment to do it didn’t happen until some weeks ago. Back in Tenerife I was thinking about it but it was too expensive for […]

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My Life On A Hippie Beach

(((~~~VIBE~~~))) It’s now about 9 weeks I live in Caleta and I have to say that I really feel like home. This place and it’s energy are truly special. I love waking up here, there are no days I feel bad and very less moments I have to worry about something. I have a lot […]

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Fairy Woodland Forest

This mysterious Laurisilva forest is located in Las Mercedes surrounded by the Anaga mountains. As soon as I entered this dreamlike forest I felt really calm and connected to everything, I felt really peaceful and happy. Going to Las Mercedes from the beach in the south was a true wonder because the landscape up there in the Anaga […]

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