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Yoga and Meditation for me is learning more about myself – about my feelings, my dreams & wishes. It helps me being the best possible version of myself. Daily yoga brings me back to my roots. ✨

This is what Yoga means to Petra, the beau­ti­ful Yogh­i­ni I want to share some pic­tures of with you today.

blonde girl with dreadlocks looking up

I pre­fer prac­tic­ing Ash­tan­ga yoga. It’s a com­bi­na­tion of Asanas, Vinyasas, Drishtis, Band­has and Ujjayi breath­ing. Accord­ing to this method the suc­ces­sion of asanas is giv­en in a fixed squence and each one is attached to the next by a cer­tain sequence of move­ments.

girl holding a palm leaf

About 5 years ago she startet her first yoga course. It was a basic Hatha yoga ses­sion. Since then she is vis­it­ing var­i­ous cours­es to get in con­tact with dif­fer­ent yoga types.

portrait of blonde girl

portrait of girl with dreadlocks

Petra prac­tices dai­ly for about 1–2 hours. It’s a com­bi­na­tion of Asanas, Pranaya­mas and Med­i­ta­tion. Every Thurs­day she is giv­ing yoga lessons for friends.

The main focus in our cul­ture is lying on our phys­i­cal body. Yoga on the oth­er hand sees the phys­i­cal body as a reflec­tion of the astral body.  The yoga tech­niques are pri­mar­i­ly aimed at strength­en­ing and heal­ing astral struc­tures, as they lead direct­ly to phys­i­cal health. Asanas strive to strenght­en cer­tain exter­nal aspects, but always with an inner qual­i­ty. For exam­ple, bal­ance exer­cis­es like Bakasana also pro­mote inner bal­ance and asanas that chal­lenge can devel­op the mobil­i­ty of the body are aimed to expand the con­scious­ness. How­ev­er, the fastest observ­able effects of asana prac­tice are the phys­i­cal effects (hor­mone sys­tem, ner­vous sys­tem, skele­tal sys­tem, cir­cu­la­tion and res­pi­ra­tion, diges­tion and excre­tion) and the effects on the astral body.

laughing happy girl

Meditating girl

Tattooed legs of girl in yoga pose

Dirty feet of a girl doing yoga in the jungle

Girl with dreadlocks in yoga pose

I think the pret­ti­er I make my sur­round­ings, the eas­i­er it is to want to prac­tice. I have a beau­ti­ful small room in my flat where I can prac­tice dur­ing win­ter. In sum­mer I like to do yoga out­side in the nature for exam­ple in my gar­den. When I’ve been trav­el­ing with my camper in sum­mer I’ve been look­ing for a silent place with a nice view for exam­ple in front of the sea or a lake.


Yoga changed my whole life and through a reg­u­lar prac­tice my mind­ful­ness is grow­ing and every­thing appears in a com­plete­ly new light. Since my prac­tice is very intense I rec­og­nize that I make a dif­fer­ence about things I want to do with my soul and heart an things I „had to do“ to not dis­ap­point my fam­i­ly or friends. I choose my appoint­ments, hob­bies and every step in my life care­ful­ly and pay more atten­tion to my feel­ings and needs. Par­tys and long night outs are not the main part of my life any­more. Being hap­py, healthy, mind­ful and liv­ing con­scious­ly is now impor­tant to me.


I don’t have  exact­ly one favorite yoga pose but I like doing bakasana. In this asana the whole weight of the body is on the hands and wrists and it’s impor­tant to keep bal­ance.

Girl in Yoga pose

After I fin­ish my course in June I want to teach yoga class­es on evenings after my main work. I want to show peo­ple that yoga can help them to keep the mind, soul and body in bal­ance.

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Dress: Fara Bou­tique

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