My Paragliding Experience Over Tenerife

Since I’m a lit­tle girl I  dream about fly­ing … many years I believed I am able to float, just because it felt so real in my dreams.

Some­how the right moment to do it didn’t hap­pen until some weeks ago. Back in Tener­ife I was think­ing about it but it was too expen­sive for my hip­pie lifestyle. After see­ing the Paraglid­ers almost every day fly­ing over my head, while lay­ing on the beach, I decid­ed one day that I’m going to do it too! I walked to the city to check my bank account and to find a nice paraglid­ing team.

I spent my last mon­ey on the flight, hahah. But it was total­ly more than worth the expe­ri­ence. I booked for the com­ing week but when the day came,  I got a call that the weath­er con­di­tions will be not good for paraglid­ing in that day so we had to delay the flight. I wait­ed very excit­ed for the next call and hoped the con­di­tions will be good in the com­ing days. Cou­ple of cloudy days passed when I final­ly got the call “Andreea, are you ready? Today we fly!”…

I was sit­ting in my base, doing some bracelets and enjoy­ing the per­fect­ness of the moment, so I was very hap­py any­way but this call made my day more than per­fect!

Three hours lat­er I got picked up near the beach and we drove in direc­tion of the moun­tains …

I have to admit that I was a lit­tle bit ner­vous but still very chilled …

.… uuu­un­til it stared and I felt how exposed to the wind I am and how every small change of the wind direc­tion blew us from one side to anoth­er …

lolololo­lo :-))

This guy was try­ing to make me laugh all the time because I was too con­cen­trat­ed on not throw­ing up, haha­ha
Cale­ta from above, my home

Although I feel that it was not very much Adren­a­line I start­ed to feel a lit­tle bit sick in my stom­ach (prob­a­bly because I didn’t eat much that day and it was very hot out­side). I was a lit­tle bit still for my char­ac­ter­is­tics  :-))) I felt like throw­ing up a cou­ple of times but luck­i­ly it was not the case!

Land­ing over the beach bar

The flight was a smooth expe­ri­ence, per­fect for enjoy­ing the view over the area from above and for get­ting the feel­ing of fly­ing. And the team is so nice, I can only rec­om­mend to have a flight with them!

Let’s see when the oppor­tu­ni­ty for sky­div­ing will come around 😀 Free fall + fly­ing, aia­iai­ii!

See the video:

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