Meet Vale And His 5* Hippie Cave

(Imag­ine drink­ing cof­fee and hav­ing a deli­cious break­fast on this music in THAT mag­i­cal place over the ocean, some­where in the yel­low rocks 🙂 )

This young man from Rus­sia decid­ed after a life chang­ing event to start an adven­ture. He has been to Tener­ife two years ago and he loved the dif­fer­ent land­scapes on this island, so he decid­ed to come back here.

Valentin is a enter­tain­ing, def­i­nite­ly crazy guy with fun­ny Russ­ian accent and bad eng­lish. But he is work­ing on the part with the eng­lish, haha. Valentin is a trav­el junkie. He is now since two months on the island and at the end of this month he’ll go back to Rus­sia. There he is plan­ning to do a trip with some friends with a boat on a lake between Fin­land and St. Peters­burg for a while. In Octo­ber he want’s to come back to Tener­ife to start his project.

At the moment Vale needs 100€ per month to live here. The food he gets from dump­ster div­ing at near­by Super­mar­kets, where he goes 1–2 a week. And a lot of oth­er stuff he finds and col­lects from the streets.

He found a cozy place to stay here and built him­self a nice home. Not bad … not bad at all!!

… One day while hik­ing he dis­cov­ered some­thing! A fan­cy, emp­ty cave hid­den behind some mate­r­i­al which had the same col­or as the rocks … very well hid­den. After ask­ing peo­ple around about who lived there before, he got some infor­ma­tion that the cave was inhab­it­ed and built in the 70’s and that it is emp­ty for longer time now. So he moved in there and start­ed build­ing a lot of things to make his new home more com­fort­able and wel­com­ing.

This beau­ti­ful cave he wants to leave to some friends which should find some­body else when their time to leave will come, because he doesn’t want it to become squat­ted and destroyed by longterm occu­pants.

His plan is to make a edu­ca­tion­al camp in Tener­ife to bring peo­ple from St. Peters­burg to offer them some yoga lessons, voice train­ing cours­es and many dif­fer­ent cours­es to expand their cre­ativ­i­ty.

After this project will be fin­ished he wants to go fur­ther to Chile, Bolivia, Machu Pic­chu etc. There he wants to trav­el like he does now as well – with less and almost by feet.

He says that he prefers walk­ing to every­where because thats how he gets to see the beau­ty around him and a lot of things you miss when trav­el­ing by car or anoth­er trans­port.

The cra­zi­est adven­tures he had so far was trav­el­ing on a small boat on a big riv­er for 27 days and camp­ing around Rus­sia at the age of 13 when he start­ed trav­el­ing, he says. So you can imag­ine how many crazy adven­tures he expe­ri­enced in more than 10 years of trav­el­ing now. And for the next 3 — 4 years he’ll be still trav­el­ing for sure, he said.

His answer if he is hap­py here was: „Wiz legs and hands I’m hap­py every­where!“

What are you afraid of Vale?“ … „I no afraid in zis life!“

Cou­ple of days before he decid­ed not to wear cloths any­more …

The white hair he has, are from the hard­core adven­tures he had on his trav­els so far … he says :)))


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