Masters Of Puppets Festival Should Be On Your Festival List 2017 /// WIN A TICKET

A psychedelic adventure where music is the language of your soul

Mas­ters of Pup­pets is a Hi-Tech, Dark and For­est Psy­trance music fes­ti­val which is tak­ing place in an amaz­ing loca­tion near Brno in Czech Repub­lic. Pow­ered by Funk­tion One sound sys­tem. 

The team

The team con­sists of three vien­nese event and music labels: Kodama, Psygsich­ta and Mas­ters Of Pup­pets. This annu­al gath­er­ing which is hap­pen­ing for the 3rd time in 2017 is “ment to give an oppor­tu­ni­ty to expe­ri­ence and express psy­che­del­ic arts and music on a dif­fer­ent lev­els with the low­est impact pos­si­ble on nature” says the orga­niz­er.

More than 174 hours of high BPM music

Rage Stage and Kodama Stage pro­vid­ing us with the best psy­che­del­ic sounds on two stages.

If your danc­ing feet get tired you’ll find some rest in their mas­sive chill out space.

Huge international Lineup

Just to name some of the awe­some artists that will per­form this year: 

WILL O WISP (Dark Pris­ma Rec.) ARG
MEGALOPSY (Dark Pris­ma Rec.) ARG
SECTIO AUREA (8h) (Alice-D Records) CH

SELECTIVE MOOD (Damaru Rec. / Mani­ac Psy­cho Pro) AT­tive­mood

NOCTURNES CREATURES (Elec­tric­moon Rec./Damaru Rec.) AT­turnes-crea­tures

ORESTIS (Tantrumm Records/Sonic Loom Music) GR

KASHYYYK (Kamino Records) MEX

LOOSE CONNECTION (Free Rad­i­cal Rec. / Katawam­pus Rec.) UK­nec­tion

PARANDROID (Noise Poi­son Rec. / Fan­tazy Rec.) DE­droid-1

VIRTUANOISE (Noise Poi­son Rec. / Freak Rec. ) IT­tu­anoise

ARCEK (Kamino Rec.) MEX

YAMINAHUA (Osom Music / Inter­au­r­al Rec. ) CH­i­nahua

TEGMENTUM ( Inter­au­r­al Rec.) CH/GER­tum-699705866714589/?fref=ts

CALYPTRATUS (Inter­au­r­al Rec. / Alice-D Rec.) GER­tra­tus-1

KASATKA (Damaru Rec. / Alice D Rec.) GER­ka

GLOSOLALIA (Dark Pris­ma Rec.) ARG­lalia

PSYKOVSKY (8h) (Osom Music) RU

QUANTUM MECHANICA (Dark Pris­ma Rec.) ARG­tum-mechan­i­ca

… and many many more.


We want to cre­ate a space for psy­che­del­ic freaks to feel free and unique and par­ty hard.”


There will be also oth­er activ­i­ties like shows, work­shops, teach­ings, yoga lessons, art cours­es, med­i­ta­tion and speech­es about alter­na­tive lifestyles, envi­ron­men­tal issues and oth­er rel­e­vant top­ics. 

Where to sleep

The loca­tion has a huge camp­ing area where you can stay with your tent or van for free but there are also bun­ga­lows avail­able.  There are 4 and 2 peo­ple bun­ga­lows and you can rent them for € 15,-  per day and per­son. Check out their web­site for more infor­ma­tion about bun­ga­low rent­ing con­di­tions.

How to get to Masters of Puppets location

The fes­ti­vals offers shut­tles from Prague and Vien­na, and is also acces­si­ble by car. Camp­ing and park­ing are free. More details on the festival’s web­site.


I’m giv­ing away one tick­et for the Mas­ters of Pup­pets Fes­ti­val 2017 and you have the chance to win!

Click here to enter. 

Good luck and can’t wait to full pow­er dance with you soon. See you on the dance floor pirates. 💚 

Check out the fes­ti­val web­site for more infos. 

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