Magic Masca Road

The vil­lage of Mas­ca and the sur­round­ing area was one of the last refuges of the indige­nous inhab­i­tants here, the Guanche, who lived in the deep caves of the main ravine, or bar­ran­co, before even­tu­al­ly being dis­placed by peo­ple from beyond the arch­i­pel­ago.

As this is one of the remotest parts of the island it seems a world away from the big resorts, and here you can get a real feel for what Tener­ife was once like before hol­i­day­mak­ers start­ed arriv­ing.

Mas­ca has man­aged to hang on to its unspoilt appeal because it has only real­ly been acces­si­ble since the ear­ly 1990s.

It’s breath­tak­ing to dri­ve and it’s real­ly hard to con­cen­trate on the tan­gled road and dou­ble-joint­ed switch­backs which lie ahead. Iron­i­cal­ly this road is the safest roads in Tener­ife, because peo­ple are dri­ving extra slow­ly here — oh, and be pre­pared for huge oncom­ing bus­es!

This loca­tion is sim­ply mag­i­cal in many sens­es. The feel­ing of stand­ing up there, see­ing the ocean behind the majes­tic moun­tains and the psy­che­del­ic road curl­ing around them is hard to describe. And I couldn’t imag­ine a bet­ter place to enjoy my Bar­raquito — moun­tains, palms, birds singing, sun­shine, a good book and the sound of a space drum in the back­ground.

Mas­ca is for sure one of my favorite places here! So cap­tur­ing.


Did I already say that I total­ly adore this place? What do you think? 

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  1. Hi, i have to say, that your blog is awe­some. Very nice pho­tos and inter­est­ing infor­ma­tions for us. We are going to the Tener­ife on the 16-th novem­ber, and we are plan­ning Mas­ca walk too. But our plan is, from Mas­ca to the beach , and from the beach to Mas­ca (both way) on foot. Is this plan very dif­fi­cult ? How is the way back? My friend who was there said that we have a big chance to lost the right way. Is it true?

    We don´t have any acco­mo­da­tion in Tener­ife, we want to sleep under the sky, or use the tent. In Gran canaria island we don´t have a prob­lem with that, is it the same on Tener­ife? Can you tell me some good place for sleep­ing with nice view, but with­out many peo­ple?

    Thanks for your answer. Please, if you want , can you send me your answer on my e-mail

    Thanks again 🙂


  2. I dis­cov­ered here because of Por­tal arti­cle you wrote. Is real­ly beau­ti­ful around here and inspire me to do some writ­ing of my own trips, sin­cronic­i­ties and broth­ers.

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