My New Gypsee Home


Buenos días fel­lows,

after spend­ing almost 3 weeks on the beach of Las Gal­letas I’ve decid­ed to move fur­ther to anoth­er beach. Or let’s say the beach and the ener­gy of the new place decid­ed to attract me there! Three beach­es full of hip­pies liv­ing in the cra­zi­est homes — caves with sep­a­rate rooms, paint­ed tents, dry palm leaves cot­tages all dec­o­rat­ed with many details. Amaz­ing how a coconut rind turns into a cup, a dry cac­tus into fan­cy room deco, shells and stones into a beau­ti­ful dream­catch­er and love­ly jew­el­ry. All kind of dif­fer­ent nat­ur­al cre­ations all over the place.

Ini­tial­ly I came here just on a short vis­it but I fell in love instant­ly with the vibes, peo­ple and every­thing that involves this place! After sleep­ing one night under the night sky and wak­ing up in the morn­ing with THAT view I decid­ed to go back to the place I’ve spent 3 weeks so far to move with all my stuff here. As uni­verse wants to bring me always exact­ly what I need exact­ly when I need it: the place near­by a friends cave got emp­ty (with mat­tress inside) and the friends just want­ed to vis­it Las Gal­letas (where I stayed) the next day with the car, so they offered to help me to move to the new mag­i­cal place.

Now I am liv­ing in a small par­adise. I have my own place some­where up on the hills, hid­den behind a huge cac­tus. My pets are now a bunch of lizards, small and big, some love­ly mice and a lot of birds mak­ing crazy sounds in the evening when fly­ing over my place.

In the evening lay­ing in my tent, watch­ing the stars, the wind car­ry­ing the sound of gui­tar and beau­ti­ful voic­es up to me. In the late hours watch­ing lumi­nous plank­ton on the beach and lis­ten­ing to the won­der­ful sound of the water.

I have great neigh­bors,  great roads to walk, amaz­ing things to dis­cov­er and a won­der­ful beach to chill at. I fall in love every morn­ing I wake up in that place. I love being here. LOVE LOVE LOVE!


Art space, haha

Mak­ing some cac­tus juice, deli­cious!

Calei­do­scopiche immag­i­ni si agi­ta­vano den­tro di me, si alter­na­vano, si apri­vano e si richi­ude­vano in cer­chi e spi­rali” ∞

… hav­ing break­fast with beau­ti­ful peo­ple. 

Count­ing the days until a beloved soul will join my adven­ture again 🙂

Walks in the bar­ran­co, trip­py land­scape!

Oven for bar­ran­co spe­cial­i­ties
Big smiles with my Ital­ian friends

with the best view on the Tei­de vol­cano …

Hand­made drum and many oth­er crazy things out of nat­ur­al imple­ments.

Vis­it from my friends up in my place

Fun­ny dog join­ing the singing on the beach.

Check him out! Real­ly nice voice and atmos­phere he cre­ates on the beach here.

Sandy, turquoise beach with smooth waves, peo­ple doing yoga, cre­at­ing art, play­ing instru­ments, singing, draw­ing, just hav­ing a won­der­ful time.  It is like a huge fes­ti­val. Every­one feel­ing good, doing things they like, hav­ing good con­ver­sa­tions with new peo­ple from all over the place. Going to be great 2 months here, so excit­ed about every new day and it’s adven­tures!

Send­ing some good vibes, light and a lot of love to you! 🙂





7 Replies to “My New Gypsee Home”

  1. Hey! I think you are liv­ing in my old place (there is a pic­ture of you in the lit­tle mir­ror of the ‘bath­room’ of the ‘house’). Such a beau­ti­ful spot, isn’t it?
    Enjoy your stay, La Cale­ta love to you!

    1. Hola! heheh it was yours? nice! I’m not stay­ing there (I was too late for mov­ing there — some­body else took it) but I love that place, real­ly beau­ti­ful <3 thank you very much, have a good time aswell, love back from La Cale­ta! 🙂

  2. You could vis­it the Island where nowa­days I live, La Gomera, Valle Gran Rey, a very peace­ful palce where hip­pies are well-seem *Sor­ry for my eng­lish* haha­ha­ha

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