My Life On A Hippie Beach


It’s now about 9 weeks I live in Cale­ta and I have to say that I real­ly feel like home. This place and it’s ener­gy are tru­ly spe­cial. I love wak­ing up here, there are no days I feel bad and very less moments I have to wor­ry about some­thing.

I have a lot of time to cre­ate art, read and think about many sub­jects that I feel I have to work on.

There are 3 weeks left until I will be back in Aus­tria again … I have to admit that I miss my bed, but I can’t imag­ine sleep­ing and liv­ing in a house after so long time spend­ing out­side, being one with nature. Wak­ing up by the sun rise, falling asleep with the shiny stars above my head, hear­ing the sound of the birds fly­ing over my tent, the con­stant sound of the waves hit­ting the beach … so many things that make me feel very con­nect­ed to nature and most of all to myself! I rarely have bad thoughts here, it’s almost impos­si­ble. I’ve learned a lot of things and changed my view on some things I had not imag­ined to ever see them like that. I became more tran­qui­lo as we would say here 😀

I dis­cov­ered many new things about myself, about what I can do, about what I like and what I don’t … I learned to trust myself more, to trust the pow­er of the uni­verse and the flow of life. I can say I know myself bet­ter now … and it’s great!

I love spend­ing time with peo­ple here and talk­ing about their life sto­ries and why they are trav­el­ing, what they have to tell, what they expe­ri­enced so far … but I also very like to spend some time alone, well, actu­al­ly a lot! When I don’t have to clean my place, the dish­es, my clothes or to go for water, food and to take away the trash I’m read­ing on the beach or make bracelets, take pic­tures, pre­pare some food (since I’m here I love cook­ing), med­i­tate or just lay and admire the beau­ti­ful sur­round­ings.

“Neues von der anderen Seite” — a book I can real­ly rec­om­mend, very inter­est­ing
Cre­at­ing some avo­ca­do seed — obi­sid­i­an art and hav­ing some deli­cious straw­ber­ries, yumm

I still want to do some trips around the island before I leave, but I have to say that I am a lit­tle bit exhaust­ed from all the walk­ing here and I want to relax more (and I already saw pret­ty every­thing here after dri­ving three times around Tener­ife).  I nev­er felt so fit like here! Car­ry­ing 32 l of water once a week and walk­ing 10 km twice a week with a bag full of food is real­ly the best work­out. Oh, and I nev­er was so brown before I think, real­ly like my gyp­sy skin right now 😀 Wild, dusty, brown, salty and hap­py, hihi­hi …

After shop­ping

I’m enjoy­ing the time I have left here in this mag­i­cal place, but I’m also look­ing for­ward to what will come. I have a lot of ideas and plans for the future. The first thing I will do when I arrive home, will be to clear my stuff out and sell some fur­ni­ture from my room. I real­ized that I have so many things but I don’t real­ly need them .. I had that in my head for long time now but nev­er man­aged to do it. But now after my trip I for sure know that hav­ing less feels bet­ter (so there­fore that my bag got stolen was a good thing too, it taught me a lot). And my room real­ly needs a cozy chill out! *Update from home: I sort­ed out half of my things and sold my desk)*

I absolute­ly grew a lot on this trip and I’m proud of myself for tak­ing it and for the things that changed in my mind. I am hap­py to expe­ri­ence all this, own­ing less stuff (I actu­al­ly own 2 pants, 4 shirts, 1 pullover, cou­ple of socks and under­wear and 4 pair of shoes (got them from the give away here, as many oth­er things after my bag got stolen) … but more spir­i­tu­al things. Spir­i­tu­al­i­ty ful­fills peo­ple in the way that mate­r­i­al objects can nev­er do … I wish for every­body to expe­ri­ence some­thing like this at least once in their life! 🙂

Why the obses­sion with world­ly pos­ses­sions ? When it’s your time to go, they have to stay behind, so pack light.”
― Alex Mor­ritt

Peace and a lot of LOVE!

Way to the Golf Club and to civ­i­liza­tion :))
Trash col­lect­ing point

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