Winter In One Of The Oldest Saxon Villages Of Romania

Seligstadt, Roma­nia

2017 start­ed here for us. Time is pass­ing dif­fer­ent­ly in this qui­et, lit­tle, remote vil­lage in Tran­syl­va­nia – it is pass­ing slow­er. Mobile phones have not yet found their way into this vil­lage, and horse car­riages are far more com­mon than cars. The vil­lage, sur­round­ed by fields and mel­low hills, is over­looked by the church-fortress Seligstadt, one of the old­est in Tran­syl­va­nia.We decid­ed to spent the tran­si­tion into the new year in a youth cen­ter in Seligstadt where a cou­ple of beau­ti­ful peo­ple gath­ered for a par­ty. So we were leav­ing my home town Sibiu after mid­day and arrived there in the evening. After we left the road from Fagaraș city we were 30 km away from that vil­lage. 

As we left the paved road which was cov­ered with snow we took out the sleigh to tie it to our car so we can have a ride. You may haven’t done it before if you grew up in Aus­tria for exam­ple :))) This was the biggest fun of my child­hood while spend­ing the hol­i­days in Roma­nia but for my boyfriend it was the first time doing that. 

Most of the hous­es in the vil­lage are aban­doned and look pret­ty shab­by. You won’t meet many peo­ple while hav­ing a walk through the vil­lage although we saw some old farm­ers with their cows and sheep and some small chil­dren play­ing in the snow. 

There is a car dri­ving through the streets (Seligstadt has only 6 streets if I count­ed cor­rect­ly on Google Maps) and sells bread. They have a mega­phone announc­ing they have fresh bread to sell and peo­ple go out on the street to buy some. 

© Luca Rox­ana Emil­ia

The only place where there is more life in this for­got­ten vil­lage is the youth cen­ter where big groups of peo­ple find place to gath­er and enjoy life and activ­i­ties at the coun­try side. 

We had a nice New Year’s Eve par­ty for 3 days includ­ing activ­i­ties like sled­ding, mak­ing camp fires, play­ing games, danc­ing, grilling in the snow, hik­ing up the tow­er of the for­ti­fied church and watch­ing pro­jec­tions on the organ inside the church while hav­ing a beer . (Drink­ing my first beer in a church, haha) Oh, and we ate a looot, we had deli­cious Roman­ian kitchen, 3 times a day, 100% bio. 

I enjoyed a lot to be far away from the city stress and trou­bles. It felt like we were tak­en back in time in anoth­er cen­tu­ry. I wouldn’t mind stay­ing longer there to get to know the locals and how their life looks like in a remote vil­lage like this. Would be inter­est­ing to know how old peo­ple sup­ply them­selves with food and med­i­cine in such a remote small vil­lage. Nev­er­the­less I was hap­py to spent 3 days there, to see oth­er parts of Roma­nia and dif­fer­ent ways of life. I think it was the per­fect start into this year 2017 in which I want to trav­el to get to know more places like this, going back to the roots, away from the city to places where time seems to stand still! Because some­times I have the feel­ing life is pass­ing away too fast, espe­cial­ly when it’s beau­ti­ful …

Bless­ings to all of you! 🙂


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