The Call of Adventure — I’m going back to Tenerife

The song that I was singing on my hikes to the Tei­de vol­cano 🎶

Yup, I am fly­ing to the mag­i­cal Island again. This mar­velous place got me like real­ly real­ly bad. Since my last years trip I’m total­ly hooked about Tener­ife and it’s mag­i­cal spots. And I also feel real­ly con­nect­ed to all that is there. I def­i­nite­ly got­ta go back.

BUT I want to see new places, not the ones I explored last year because I want adven­tures not rou­tine. Only excep­tion: my hip­pie fam­i­ly on the beach in the south! I’ll be there for some days too, for sure.  

This time I’m going to trav­el ‘only’ for 3 weeks because I got to return to my uni­ver­si­ty class­es and to work a bit to save mon­ey for the next adven­tures. Last year I did 3 months but I missed my class­es and I had to start the first year from the begin­ning. It’s not like uni­ver­si­ty is such a big deal for me, I’m not real­ly doing it for the degree but for myself  … how­ev­er when adven­ture is call­ing, I must go! 

This time I’ve decid­ed to hike the green, wet north­ern part of Tener­ife — enchant­i­ng Lau­risil­va forests, end­less hikes through forests and coast­lines with view over Tei­de vol­cano, the dry south and many more spots which are wait­ing to be hiked. 

You got­ta watch this to see what a Lau­risil­va for­est is and to get an idea of the place where I’m going to hike:

And I’m fly­ing ALONE, yeah, I know I spent almost 3 months camp­ing on the beach­es of Tener­ife last year BUT this time I’ll be in the forests, fog­gy, dark forests. I am afraid but that’s not going to stop me! You might think I’m crazy, I think it myself too! 😂

You enter the for­est
at the dark­est point,
where there is no path.

Where there is a way or path,
it is some­one else’s path.

You are not on your own path.

If you fol­low some­one else’s way,
you are not going to real­ize
your poten­tial.”
― Joseph Camp­bell

But hon­est­ly there is a spe­cial kick this idea gives me, to be on my own, to push my lim­its, to explore, to walk as far as my feet take me and to see what I’m capa­ble of. 

Last years adven­ture already expand­ed my con­scious­ness, gave me pow­er and I  (re)discovered my adven­tur­ous part. I went camp­ing in the forests of Tran­syl­va­nia with my par­ents and my best friend when I was a small girl, so I always had this camp­ing love and con­nec­tion to nature. But doing this alone is anoth­er lev­el of explor­ing the world out­side as well as the inner world of my being. 

It real­ly is about going out of your com­fort zone and do things that are new/scare you. As we over­come our fears we gain pow­er! And as we fol­low our bliss the most beau­ti­ful things hap­pen. This I def­i­nite­ly learned on my last trip to Tener­ife!

I’ll be hik­ing in Tener­ife for 12 days – alone and after a good friend from Switzer­land is join­ing me and we take the fer­ry to the small­est of the Canary Islands – El Hier­ro. It’s a par­adise there. 10.000 inhab­i­tants and almost no tourists.

The island is des­ig­nat­ed by UNESCO as a Bios­phere Reserve , with 60% of the ter­ri­to­ry pro­tect­ed. 

El Hier­ro is the first island in the world which is  self-suf­fi­cient for elec­tri­cal ener­gy! How awe­some. It looks like par­adise and I’m so excit­ed to explore this small island with my friend. Solo trav­el is awe­some but some crazy girls adven­ture time is def­i­nite­ly rad too. 

Watch this cool aer­i­al video from El Hier­ro: 

Anoth­er thing I real­ly have to do is to hike to the crater of Tei­de vol­cano the see the sun­rise from above which looks like this:

© Inter­net

Tei­de is the third high­est vol­cano in the world and the high­est point in the Atlantic Ocean. 

The shad­ow of Tei­de is the largest shad­ow in the world pro­ject­ed onto the sea!

It is des­ig­nat­ed as a “Starlight Des­ti­na­tion” – Isaac New­ton sug­gest­ed that the tele­scopes were installed on the high­est moun­tain peaks. That’s so cool! Also the largest solar obser­va­to­ry is locat­ed in the area at an alti­tude of 2,390 m.

From Tei­de, it is pos­si­ble to see 83 of the 88 con­stel­la­tions that the star­ry sky presents us.

I can’t wait to get lost in the star­ry night sky and it’s con­stel­la­tions from there! Astropho­tog­ra­phy is all I can think about — and this with my new Sony A7II, wooop­wooop. 🌌

I’ve been a cou­ple times in the Tei­de Nation­al­park last year, but I had to can­cel my stay at the Refuge because the roads were closed due to snow. So I didn’t man­age to hike to the very top because you need a spe­cial per­mis­sion to do so. There­fore this time I have to take the chance to hike all the way up and spend a night at 3,260m before hik­ing to the crater to admire the sun­rise. 

Writ­ing about those things right now make my heart go CRAZY, you know what I mean? Super duper excit­ed, oh boy.

I still have some time until the begin­ning of April but I’m already plan­ning my hik­ing routes, col­lect­ing ideas for spots to shoot and most impor­tant: where to sleep and how to sur­vive the nights in the for­est. 😂

Some of the 1000 tabs I have open right now: 

Greet­ings to all adven­tur­ers out there.

PS: Let me know if you’re in Tener­ife at that time and would like to do a hiking/photo ses­sion with me. ✌🏼