Funkadelic Art: For the love of Macrame and Nature

Funkadelic Art is a project of Katharina and Thomas, a young couple from Upper Austria. They are making beautiful macrame jewelries with natural stones, crystals and bone elements.

The name comes from the Ger­man word “Funken” which means sparkles. The sparkles between the love of them two. Their beloved van is called Funky so they com­bined those two words, result­ing Funkadel­ic Art.


Katha­ri­na and Thomas are both funky cre­ative heads. Doing Stringart deco for a very long time and jew­el­ry for 2 years now. It’s their hob­by, their pas­sion. They are learn­ing dif­fer­ent tech­niques from each oth­er and grow togeth­er.


From the gifts of nature

They love to com­bine crys­tals with bones and wood of all kinds. Cre­at­ing macrame jew­el­ry with heal­ing attrib­ut­es (she spends a lot of time study­ing stones and their attrib­ut­es) from the gifts of nature brings them hap­pi­ness. “I’m fas­ci­nat­ed by the fact that I can use the same knot for all kind of dif­fer­ent pat­terns” says Katha­ri­na.


Creating jewelry brings balance into our lives

Cre­at­ing their mag­ic knot art is a great bal­ance from their work life. It allows them to live their cre­ativ­i­ty and knot­ting for hours is med­i­ta­tion they say.

They love to go out­side, lis­ten to the sounds of nature while cre­at­ing their art.

We put a lot of positive energy into our work

Katha­ri­na is fas­ci­nat­ed by min­er­als and their effects on the human body. Since she was a small girl crys­tals played a big role in her life and on her health. She says that it’s very impor­tant to put a lot of pos­i­tive ener­gy whilst knot­ting their jew­el­ries. Peo­ple can feel the ener­gy of the dif­fer­ent stones and they instinc­tive­ly grab the piece they most need at that moment. She received a lot of pos­i­tive feed­back from her clients who sud­den­ly had a bet­ter sleep or felt bet­ter after wear­ing one of the heal­ing stones.


Austrian minerals

They are using “Lin­h­a­sita” yarn in all kinds of col­ors. The stones are always fair trade. The crys­tals are from Aus­tri­an crys­tal trac­er. All bones they use are found in the near­by for­est. 


Get your Funkadelic art piece

The two are cur­rent­ly work­ing on their web shop. You can order their cre­ations on Face­book at the moment. Or write an e-mail at:

You’ll find them at some mar­kets this sum­mer, fol­low their page for more infos and dates.

Me wear­ing my Funkadel­ic Art neck­lace, my new fav piece. Thank you so much Kathi for this one ♡

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