Eco Fashion For A Better World: Green Shirts

Dif­fer­ent top­ic today here on my blog: Fash­ion, but not just fash­ion, it’s about sus­tain­able and eco friend­ly fash­ion. I’m wear­ing  GREEN SHIRTS.

In Praise of Slowness”

Why? Because I’m get­ting more and more into the whole slow every­thing-thing  in today’s times where many things are going too fast and too wrong! From the way we con­sume, to the way we eat and the way we dress …

The trend of slow, organ­ic food peo­ple seem to under­stand because it’s direct­ly ben­e­fi­cial to their health, but they are fail­ing to see the direct ben­e­fit of buy­ing eth­i­cal cloth­ing. It’s also about sav­ing the peo­ple, not only the plan­et.

Slow means focussing more on a form of con­scious­ness, aware­ness and a sense of respect for mate­ri­als and peo­ple. Ensur­ing qual­i­ty pro­duc­tion, giv­ing val­ue to the prod­uct and con­tem­plat­ing the con­nec­tion with nature. 

Look­ing deep­er behind the cur­tains on to every­thing and see­ing the big pic­ture. 

Fight­ing the fast cycle and embrac­ing the ever-expand­ing con­cept of Slow­ness. 

Watch this Trail­er of the Movie “The True Cost” which sums up the prob­lems with the fast fash­ion indus­try:

GREEN SHIRTS was brought to life by a young man named Niklas Astor who one day faced the prob­lem that near­ly all tex­tiles are pro­duced under pol­lut­ing and inhu­man cir­cum­stances.

He didn’t want to sup­port this exploitive con­di­tions any­more, so he start­ed to look for sus­tain­able, eco­log­i­cal ways of pro­duc­tion. This was the moment GREEN SHIRTS was born.

GREEN SHIRTS is sus­tain­able from pro­duc­tion to trans­port and not only: The pro­duc­tion is hap­pen­ing under fair labour stan­dards using renew­able ener­gy. The ship­ping is cli­mate-neu­tral and their pro­mo­tion­al stuff is made out of recy­cled mate­ri­als. They real­ly are mak­ing a change!

By choos­ing organ­ic over con­ven­tion­al cot­ton each of us has the pur­chas­ing pow­er to influ­ence brands, man­u­fac­tur­ers and even farm­ers.

Let’s make a change because in the end we are all ONE


It’s bet­ter to go slow in the right direc­tion than to go fast in the wrong direc­tion.

-Simon Sinek

It’s up to YOU how you chose to go. 😉 

All pic­tures tak­en by the awe­some: Julia Altenburg­er |

What I wore: SWEATER BASIC Rose (Spring col­lec­tion, com­ing soon) •  RECYCLED SWEATER BASIC in Melange Plum • SWEATSHIRT WE ARE ALL ONE • BIRD OF YING AND YANG Shirt

Find more on their web­site


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