5 Inspirational Travel Blogs

For all the trav­el hun­gry souls out there: If you want to trav­el more and how you can afford it, how you can start liv­ing your dream — I’ve put togeth­er my favorite trav­el blogs, where I take my inspi­ra­tion and day­dream about the next des­ti­na­tions. Because gyp­sy souls are born for leav­ing and have the desire to explore. Oh, and I’m hit­ting the road soon again for a big Europa trip with the car, the map here, to see where the adven­ture is going.

Trav­el is nev­er a mat­ter of mon­ey, but of courage.”

Scroll down and get inspired! 




Since my first click on this blog I absolute­ly love it! This guy from the UK con­vert­ed his Van into his new home in which he is trav­el­ing Europe. You can down­load his e-book here to get tips on con­vert­ing an old van into a home (If you’re in to that, for me it’s the ulti­mate dream). He’s got some great shots from his trav­els and also from some psy trance fes­ti­vals in Europe.  I absolute­ly love what he is doing and his style of telling sto­ries. So if you’re into #van­life, fes­ti­vals and low bud­get trav­el you should check his blog out! Maybe he will make you want to buy a van and hit the road 😀


Fos­ter Hunt­ing­ton

How cool is this project? Watch the video:

I’m in love with this daz­zling pho­to blog with cool projects such build­ing a tree house with a skate bowl in the yard, surf­ing, camp­ing and #van­life. With­out doubt his pho­to books and projects are fas­ci­nat­ing! LOVE


Mitch Cox 


Well, anoth­er  #van­life, pho­tog­ra­phy trav­el blog I’m total­ly hooked with! Mitch and his beau­ti­ful girl­friend are cur­rent­ly explor­ing Aus­tralia in their camper van, shoot­ing bril­liant pic­tures and shar­ing them with the world. Oh man … a dream!

Nomadic Matt

If you’ve ever want­ed to learn how to trav­el cheap­er, turn your dream trip into a real­i­ty, save mon­ey, or trav­el the world, you are in the right place! This web­site will give you test­ed tips, advice, and sug­ges­tions so you can see more for less and make your dream trip a real­i­ty.” — Real­ly good, struc­tured blog on cheap trav­el and he has a lot of trav­el guides you can pur­chase online.


Just One Way Tick­et

Sabine’s blog inspires me a lot about this whole blog­ging thing and how to be suc­cess­ful at it — after read­ing her arti­cle about how she can afford trav­el­ing I’m real­ly into it. She has her own very cool way of telling a trav­el sto­ry and she has also cool videos and pic­tures. Her blog is real­ly nice to read for hours! Inspi­ra­tional.

This are my top 5 at the moment, but there are many oth­er kick ass trav­el blogs out there on the inter­net. Ahhh, once the trav­el bug bites in there is no known anti­dote!

If you know some cool blogs on sim­i­lar top­ics, please let me know.




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