How My Days Look Like Here

Hit play for get­ting into the vibe:

As sun ris­es at 7:30 and tem­per­a­tures in our tent get too hot for sleep­ing, pret­ty much all my days here start with sun rise. Except Sun­days after par­ty … Sun gaz­ing, doing some Yoga and Med­i­ta­tion for a good start in the new day. Before going  to town we take a show­er at the beach show­ers near the city. There we also wash our wear. It’s real­ly fun­ny show­er­ing there, peo­ple walk­ing by on the road and star­ing at us, fuck­ing hip­pies, haha.

Our home. At the moment shar­ing the tent with Olga, but she will leave soon so I’ll be queen of the green cas­tle :)))

Usu­al­ly I like to have my Cof­fee in the city while doing some work on the lap­top, man­ag­ing my pho­tos, writ­ing here on the Blog, check­ing Mails and so on. If I’m too lazy for going to the city, even if it’s 10 min­utes away (becom­ing lazy here and spend­ing all day in the sun is easy, haha), I read (Sid­dhartha at the moment — just per­fect while trav­el­ing) or hang around with peo­ple from all over the world hav­ing inter­est­ing con­ver­sa­tions. Well, seems like Ger­mans, Hun­gar­i­ans, Esto­ni­ans , Rus­sians and Ital­ians are here the rest of the world :))

Search­ing for Cafés with wifi and charg­ing pos­si­bil­i­ty like:

After spend­ing some hours in the city and buy­ing food, we go back to our tents to cook some­thing (now we have a new kitchen) Tadaaa:

Or eat­ing some deli­cious Prick­ly pear cac­tus fruits. They have been a main ali­ment of the Mex­i­can and Cen­tral Amer­i­can diet for thou­sands of years. In parts of the U.S. it has been gain­ing pop­u­lar­i­ty as an exot­ic, gourmet and healthy addi­tion to one’s diet. The prick­ly pear plant has two dif­fer­ent edi­ble sec­tions: the pad of the cac­tus (nopal), which can be treat­ed like a veg­etable, and the pear (tuna), which can be treat­ed like a fruit.

Cool­ing down after lay­ing in the sun like:

Close to sun­set it gets cool­er out­side and I have to put on some more clothes before start­ing my vis­it to our neigh­bors.

Some­times I also like sit­ting in my tent or on the air mat­tress on the beach at night to edit my pic­tures because there is no sun light or any dis­turb­ing reflec­tions on my screen. Oh, and that view:

At around 19:00 when sun sets here, once the last rays are gone, there are not many things to do in the dark. On week­ends there are live con­certs at the beach bar or at the fire place where peo­ple are beat­ing the drums or play­ing gui­tar and sing.

Olga likes danc­ing with her iPod in the dark and I’m run­ning around tak­ing pic­tures of the night sky.

I also like join­ing the cook­ing in the evening, where almost every­one from our camp is sit­ting around and pre­pare some deli­cious food. I love sit­ting around the fire place with good peo­ple and the breath­tak­ing night sky above!

Good­night mar­velous view and stars!

Life here mak­ing my eyes shine and my heart dance 🙂

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